Burien Residents Will Vote on Repealing Their Own Sanctuary City Ordinance in November


Reconquista moving right along.
If this is going to be a thing then I agree that the citizens who have to live with such decisions should vote for or against it.
Any chance this is the wake up call those people need to start voting?
Will a "yes" vote repeal the ordinance or indicate "yes" to safe city status? The wording will be important, since historically people tend to vote "no" when they aren't fully informed

Some might think this particular vote resides in a gray area, but I believe the public should not vote on human rights issues - that is how the majority uses government to overpower and oppresses the minority in any society.
I'm glad to see 'the Stranger' covering this story. As Seattle becomes increasingly unaffordable for non-millionaires, people who once might have lived in Capitol Hill or the Central District are now finding themselves in places like Burien, Tukwila, White Center, etc. What they find in these places is quite interesting: an amazing mix of recent refugees and immigrants coming from the Sahara, the Himalayas, the Guatemalan Highlands, and every other part of the globe (most of whom live in rental units); an older generation of Asian and Filipino immigrants and their descendants, many of whom own homes; and older white homeowners who have been there a while. Plus a few outlaw biker gangs and quite a number of dope fiends.

This is the kind of mix of cultures we used to look for in the cities, before cities became exclusive playgrounds for the super-wealthy. The question is whether this cultural mix can give rise to creativity and a deeper sense of humanity, in the context of dispersed suburban development and infrastructure which limits opportunities for these cultures to interact.
Anyway, I hope 'the Stranger' keeps lookiing beyond the Seattle city limits. It kills me to say it, but Seattle has turned into Beverly HIlls.
Jaymz: Yes = repeal Ordinance 651; No = maintain Ordinance 651.

Also, point of fact: Ordinance 651 has *nothing* to do with law enforcement in Burien. Burien contracts through the KCSO and they already have their own policy of not inquiring after people's immigration status. Ordinance 651 does two things:

1) It prohibits city staff from inquiring after people's immigration status (so, like, when you're applying for a building permit or a dog license)
2) It establishes that the city won't create any sort of religious registry

Full text of the ordinance is here: http://mrsc.org/getmedia/3caec3f5-f2c5-4…
I think there's a bigger story here that many be of interest to readers. Burien is just the start of a systematic campaign to target sanctuary cities in WA State by Craig Keller and his organization respectwashington.us

Recently Keller was interviewed on KUOW's "The Record with Bill Radke" and talked about his efforts in Burien. Keller’s strategy echoes white nationalist language and trumpian fear-mongering. Keller started a web site, respectwashington.us whose only goal is to demonize immigrants and the undocumented and drive local legislation targeting them. He posts claims of rampant criminal activity and makes the same tired claims that these people are taking away American jobs. When Radke pointed out that several studies have proven these points unfounded, he continued with his mischaracterization of this demographic, which represent about 30+ percent of Burien’s population

According to Keller’s website, Burien is just the start of his campaign: he calls on his supporters to drive a ballot initiative in Spokane where an effort is already underway to put the sanctuary city issue on the ballot for November as well. At the same time, he also lays out an effort, to start a campaign in January 2018, to get a measure on the ballot that will require all voters to prove their legal citizenship in order to vote.

When Radke asks why a resident of West Seattle is driving this effort in Burien, Keller got flustered and didn’t have a good answer. From his website and consistently racist, discriminatory language it’s evident that his goal is to further a white nationalist agenda while systematically dismantling all sanctuary city protections for immigrants and undocumented individuals in that state of Washington. Just republicans doing what they do best, selling undiluted racism and hatred.
FreetheMarch on August 11, 2017 at 5:27 P