This Is Good News


Dan, Central Market in Shoreline (yes, I know, Shoreline) has been selling Chicago Dogs for years now with all the fixin's! They are delicious...and may I say no fucking cream cheese OR ketchup.
Shake Shack is Wack. Average burger, gourmet price.
@1 Very true. And Shoreline isn't too bad if you get near the waterfront.
Where on Capitol Hill can I find this Shoreline place?
Having cream cheese put into a hot dog I once ate was another one of those local abominations, which goes along with no NHL and not enough right of way transportation----at least we're working on rectifying those.

That being said, SS's arrival feels a little redundant with a lot of good burger to be eaten already around these parts---Zippy's, Lil Woody and Kidd Valley. But for the Chitowners that can get their Chicago Dog on, congratulations.
Matt's Famous Chili Dogs in South Seattle is where you want to get your Chicago style dogs.
I don't go to Shake Shack for the burgers. The grilled dogs — with everything, including celery salt. And a chocolate malt. But first... a pot lozenge 40 minutes before.
yes, as a native of Seattle, I've always been embarrassed by the cream cheese hot dog thing...yeccchhh,,,now a little kim chi on a grilled polish, instead of sauerkraut, that's delicious,,I agree with a NY Times article a few years back, Seattle's signature dish is Teriyaki, which they point out in the article, is just as often really bulgogi,,ANYWAY, MATT's, long fueled by Boeing lunch crowds, is excellent Chicago style,,,Shake Shack,,,I'll try it, though S Lk Union's Young Corporate Crowd tries my patience...I miss the seedy S Lk Union of my yute,,,,
Cream cheese on a burger, that's gross. Americans have weird combinations of food, to an Australian.
And where is Susan Saradon's Revolution. They have gone troppo at the top, time to mobilise. Susan?

It's easy, just take the Light Rail from the Millionaire Hill stop in front of your SFH, ride past the Soccer Stop down to the only other stop you know about (the airport) then hire an Uber Black and have an obsequious immigrant drive you the rest of the way.
Cream cheese on a hot dog is worse. Pot lozenge sounds nifty. Celery salt eh, has that got real celery in it.
Enjoy it with a side of global warming.…
Cream cheese on hot dogs is a thing? ...Why?
All you meat drooling morons have lost the right to proselytize for climate change. I'm disappointed in you Dan. For all your bitching about spoiler candidates/parties, you're a hypocritical meat-eating faux-progressive.
@14: We're not quote veggies yet, but Terry and I have cut our meat consumption in half — rough estimate. Not pure like vegans, though, not yet. Still, have a weakness for char polish at Chicago's Weiner Circle and the dogs at Shake Shack. I'll remember, when the original Shake Shack is underwater, that it was partly my fault — and if I don't, I can count on you to remind me, yes?
Cream cheese is delicious. Hot dogs are delicious. The combination is such.
@7 - I love you for your love of a chocolate malt.
if it isn't served on a steamed poppy seed bun, it isn't a proper chicago dog.
The perfect hotdog has cream cheese and kimchi on it. Nori strips are optional.
Shake Shack is expensive, but I will have to return to see what this hot dog thing is all about. You've got me curious. Here in DC and surrounds, we just got our ninth one. We could easily spare some of ours if one isn't enough in Seattle. Let me know.
SS mushroom burger is truly orgasmic... deep fried in wonderful textured batter, stuffed with high quality cheddar.
@2 I hate to use this word, but yeah: Overrated.