Republicans Hate Democrats Democracy


I love how these polls ask such out-of-the-blue questions about things that one normally doesn't think about, such as postponing a presidential election. Given that, the poll has to account for a percentage of respondents giving an insincere answer just to spite the pollsters.

In addition, is any response a true sentiment by the subject or a validation of a postulation facilitated by leading questions?

Junk journalism reigns, even at the Washington Post.
I really wish people would view the democrat party and the republican party for what they really are: Semi-private organizations that are not necessary for the functioning of our government or country. They exist solely to provide a vehicle for funding their choice of political candidate. They don't represent you. Everyone complaining about Hillary and super delegates and so on are forgetting the fact that the DNC doesn't have to listen to you, they don't owe you anything, they're a big club in which you are not a member. Same with the republicans. Same with every organized, registered political party.

So of course the republicans want to cheat and lie and steal. That's how they maintain power. That's how MANY capitalistic corporations/organizations maintain power. They're no different. And they absolutely do not have the authority to postpone an election. Postponing an election would violate the constitution. Can Pepsi do that? Can Ford do that? Can Comcast Cable do that? No? Then neither can the corporation known as the Republican Party.
@1 rest assured that everyone who worked on this story is smarter than you.
Half of the Republicans which is a quarter of the electorate? Given that Trump still is at 33% approval ratings I don't think this is something to worry about.

But it makes for some good click bait along with wondering if Trump will get us killed in a nuclear war.
The sky is falling!
Fascists gonna fascist.
It's true that this type of thing shouldn't be taken as meaning these people have thought much about this. Their thought isn't necessary, though, only their shrug.

These 50% were primed by the earlier voter fraud questions? Maybe, but anybody who can be primed that easily is too easy to convince.

They only say that in a poll, they'd stand up against it in real life? You might have thought that Republicans would stand against a lot of things.…

"In the summer of 2016, for example, a pollster found that two-thirds of Democratic voters would trade an unconstitutional third term for Obama if it meant avoiding either Clinton or Bush."

To gore a different ox there.
The more worrying detail is that so many of them believe millions of 'illegals' ran up the vote in states where Trump never even bothered to campaign but failed to do so in states where their votes would have actually mattered to the outcome of the election, besides a popular vote blow-out. Not a whole lot of critical thinking happening there.
@6 FTW!
Republicans love America, but they hate the people who live there.