Required Viewing: The Opening of Last Night's Rachel Maddow Show


When the story first broke about the miniature nuclear warheads, my very first thought was -- why such a big change in such a short period of time? Is this "yellow cake uranium" all over again? Made up intelligence to justify a first strike?

Doesn't surprise me in the least if this turns out to be a bogus story.
Punisher mentality's logical extreme is on display. A deep reckoning is in order.
Nah the Punisher wouldn't hesitate to do it. Trump's just bluffing and making a fool of himself.
Mike Pants, where is your flag pin bro?
Let's make sure we all got that: the Chinese Govt. is PROTECTING the NK Regime. This is the situation they want, seemingly in perpetuity. The people of NK essentially slaves their entire lives.
OMG I love Kal Penn
@5, Also from the No Shit Department: North Korea is north of South Korea.
we've been "locked and loaded" for decades- our president is saying status is normal, the same normal (and cia cops!) about which maddow supposedly makes us feel better. oh yeah speaking of uncorroborated, thenation is reporting the dnc suffered a leak not a hack, last year, oh meh oh whatev, we'll believe whatever we want to.
First, it's not altogether clear that something isn't happening in North Korea. Certainly this year North Korea's missile technology appears to have advanced to the point that a strike on North America is possible. Moreover, photographs published last year of the so-called "disco ball" was some evidence of advancement in North Korea's nuclear technology. At some point, North Korea will progress on these projects to the point that they can credibly launch a nuclear strike against the United States. The missile might not be terribly accurate, the nuclear blast might not be of the magnitude of U.S. or Russian weapons, but that wouldn't be very meaningful.

Second, this is not just Donald Trump. Rachel Maddow can't just praise the Washington Post, calling it a "national treasure," while heaping scorn on the Defense Intelligence Agency and the reaction of the Trump Administration. If this is a redux of the lead up to the Iraq War, with the WaPo playing the role of The New York Times, then our press really hasn't learned anything about national security reporting over the past 15 years.

Neither of these point excuses Trump's rhetoric or the absence of a plan among senior Administration officials, including newly installed chief of staff John Kelly, who doesn't seem to have reined in Trump or created a process for developing policy.
What news / information is being obscured by all this "nuclear bluster" bullshit?
That's what I want to know.

Is this simply a major distraction from Mueller's investigations?
Or from the fact that the anti-immigration actions are causing farmers to lose millions of dollars in unpicked fruit & veggies, such that our food prices will almost certainly go up?
And the fact that the Admin's intentional sabotage of the ACA will result in "double digit" rises for insurance premiums?
@7: I feel its worth noting when China re-iterates its support for the Kim Dynasty in the midst of another of it's tantrums. or at least President Malignant Narcissist should note it.

Long time since that old geezer has been locked and loaded. And there's our PM, invoking the ANZUS treaty. The US gets hit, Australia will come to its aid. He just can't find where he left the nuclear war heads we'd assist with. Moron.
Watch this video...

I watched it and sorry to be cynical but is it just a coincidence that the president got all "North Korea, I will frakk you up!" so soon after, Robert Mueller convened a Grand Jury and Paul Manafort's home was raided? As a rule, public opinion surveys always show an uptick in approval ratings when presidents speak aggressively whilst threatening military action against a perceived enemy. Meanwhile, DJT's polls are in the toilet and his lambasting AG Sessions and Senator McConnell has reaped zero rewards. TIMING IS EVERYTHING.
"what's this distracting from?" ask people to an alt weekly devoted to ignoring yemen. the answer is china winning in its long drive to annex the south china sea. also that 50 is the new 70, if this maddow segment what "required viewing" is.
Yeah, every week there's a new smoking guy or a new thing that will definitely end the Trump presidency. It's getting tiresome. Maddow digging through the minutia of Trump's trash, thinking "Finally, we got him!" And we wake up the next morning, the next week, the next month, and both Trump and Maddow are still there both looking insane. She lost her credibility with "I've got Trump's taxes!!!"

By the way, Pence is more competent than Trump. Pence has the governing experience and ability to absolutely decimate health care and a host of other things Trump can't do, and he will find a way to rally the country into support of a war with North Korea. Careful what you wish for.
@5 - In some fairness to the Chinese, a nuclear exchange so close to their own country would definitely affect them, were we to take aggressive pre-emptive action, and they would probably have a ton of North Korean refugees flooding over their border as well... neither a particularly good outcome for them. Plus with China being a lot closer to NK than America, if NK is aiming for enemies, well, not a very good idea to declare that you're going to become one is it? I don't blame them for not wanting to be part of this mess. You can frame it as cowardice I suppose, but we haven't done much to prevent the human rights abuses and the arming of NK either, and right now it's just saber-rattling and the ignorant boasts of a that orange sack of shit in the Whitehou-- I mean golf course.