Is Facebook Silencing Black Activists With Racist Bots?


Who cares? It's Facebook.
Facebook protects white male racists, white supremacists, rapists, and misogynists. I got banned repeatedly from facebook for commenting on white male racists (specifically white male cops murdering black people and for the white male supremacist who verbally assaulted two teenage girls, one of whom was Muslim, and then murdered two white men (and tried to murder a third) who stood up to the hateful POS).

Facebook repeatedly ignored my requests to not be banned, to explain why I was banned, while men felt free to tell me to kill myself, called me a hateful black bitch (I am a white woman who supports #blacklivesmatters), asked them to take down pages supporting rapists, asked them to take down pages attacking women, and repeatedly reported hateful comments by white male racist trolls whose sole mission seems to keep the hate running high on Facebook. First time it was 24 hours. Then 3 days. Then 7 days. Then 30 days. Then the ban is permanent. Facebook is a cesspool of toxic waste that likes to pretend it's a platform for free expression and it is not. The only reason I miss it is that nearly everyone I know is a facebook addict and refuses to communicate or interact on a daily basis with people in any other way. As a disabled person who does not work and is unable to live where my friends live, I find this extremely isolating. Even my mother is a facebook addict.
It's only blacks being affected. Who cares? It's not like any real people are being hurt.
Indeed xina: "Facebook is a cesspool of toxic waste that likes to pretend it's a platform for free expression and it is not."

Facebook, and all social media, will always have that potential as they are a mixture of reality and facades that are subject (rightly so) to the polices of the private enterprises that host them; and also to the bureaucratic repercussions that can result when discourse gets heated and unpleasant.
Maybe if the purpose of your page is to tell one race of people to "step and fetch" for another race, you shouldn't be surprised if you're kicked off the platform as unsavory.
I dunno there is a very large segment of BLM/black activists promoting the "white people are to blame for all of our shit" which starts bending pretty racist itself (if you ignore the whole "white privilege makes racism against whites impossible" bullshit)
A few years ago a number of social justice-minded facebook users began a very public campaign to convince the facebook corporation to make it easier to report offensive speech on their platform. Facebook responded by doing exactly that, promising that offensive speech would be taken down quickly and expediently. Now people who don't like what this individual is posting are using those same tools to prevent her from speaking.

Who could've predicted this would happen?
This sentence provides a potential explanation by how the system could be gamed by racist bots:

Reviewers prioritize posts that have been reported tons of times, and they tend to put posts the team has already ignored tons of times on the back burner.

It would be interesting to see information about which accounts are responsible for these apparently high priority false reports.
#8, especially if one of those accounts were associated with, say, the WSU College Republicans.
I'm serving a 30 day ban for posting a meme quoting Trump's very own racist words as an example of systemic racism existing.

Yet every single time I report a bigot who makes racist comments against Asians directly addressing me with a tag, they tell me those comments like "slant eye, chink, and zipperhead" don't violate FB standards.

If FB isn't run by white racists, then they're doing a terrible job of showing that.