Sorry, Boozehounds! Broadway QFC Ain't Serving Liquor!


This didn't happen when the state ran the stores. Also the employees were all in state laborer unions, the prices were the same and you could look online to see which store had what booze.
Agrippa dear, even back in the "glory days" of the state liquor stores (with their surly clerks, odd hours, and general air of PNW Puritanism) there were grocery stores that got busted for selling beer and wine to minors.
Talked to an employee at QFC, and here's the story: one of the employees up in the liquor section sold some alcohol to a minor who worked for the State Liquor Control Board. The LCB finned QFC, and Kroger (QFC's corporate owners) approved the the fine, and the Broadway QFC's front office even wrote and cut the check, but they forgot to mail it, so when the LCB didn't get their fine in time, they shut down sales of alcohol, slapped them with a late fine, and here we are. The kicker, though, is that the original employee who's responsible for the sale _still has his job_. Apparently the guy is a favorite of someone important in the front office, so they are still working. The employee I talked to seemed super pissed about it, too.
Shit that's close to where I live, luckily I won't be there for a while, in fact nmy net two U.S. stops are the CNMI and then Guam, nothing interesting ever happens there!
Unlucky that QFC

First the Crank robs them, now this.…
The inconvenience might be serendipitous as customers will find better deals and selection elsewhere.
I hope everyone will be OK,