Where are the police?
Republicans, from Trump on down, cannot condemn the White Nationalists behind this violence, because they represent too much of the party's Base.
"We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides."

I wouldn't have issue with that statement if it had been more general. When you're specifying this particular display, don't you dare say "on many sides" you duplicitous piece of shit.
For those curious, the videos of this incident prove that this was absolutely intentional, the driver was without a doubt attempting to cause as much harm as possible. After the impact, the driver threw the vehicle into reverse and sped out of there as fast as possible, and ditched the vehicle nearby. There's no doubt about any "confused driver" scenario here.

Also, apparently a state police chopper just went down? This is shaping up to be incredibly unsettling. It feels like the first 15 minutes in a horror movie.

Here's the live thread from Reddit [link]

Oh thank heavens, the Reddit Detectives are on the case. That always makes these horrible tragedies so much easier to deal with.
@7: Agreed, Reddit "detectives" make shit worse, but it's a convenient source for the news feed. If there's a better one, by all means provide a link, please.
What milquetoast statements by leaders of the "resistance"

For developing news, I usually try a combination of wire services, local TV stations, and a local daily newspaper (if there's on close to the event, it's almost always the best source for a breaking story).

God knows local TV and papers have fallen a hell of a long way over the past half century, but when it comes to this kind of thing they're still miles ahead of anything else.
Ugh. How really, truly, shitty. (fellow sloggers, you know how I feel about using profanity, but it's appropriate in this situation)

What can normal middle-class white people do to stand up and say unequivocally and en masse that these odious people do not speak for us?

Well, your stinging rebuke certainly put them in their place...
#11. It's obvious that these odious people do not speak for us. Everything is crazy.
Learn from the rise and fall of third reich. Stand up against it.
The sooner that Robert E. Lee statue is melted down the better.
this is catnip for the sjw crowd. the alt right walked right into this one, poo clearly on both shoes now. dumbasses. i know someone who was involved in this, who is actually not an asshole, believe it or not, and he's going to be hard pressed to live this one down. smh. this is now how to make a point about idiot liberal suicidal america. nope. def not.
please do not misunderstand me, i mean to be direct: i condemn in the strongest possible terms the things that are bad, and stand with victims and against their aggressors. again, there is but one reading of my words and one narrative that i, who like you does not live in a bubble, understand as accurate thank you for your vote.
#MAGA #UGH If you haven't already, time to confront friends and family who voted this horror show. I've also been sending copies of Flake's book to them.
(its) head, Ms. Del Bene
Yeah, that "on many sides" was absolutely a calculated, implicit nod to his racist base that he's still with them and that the statement was merely for show. It's actually a little odd to even acknowledge that anything at all he does or says is done with a degree of calculation. Shithead.
@13 -- Maybe obvious to you, but I just don't trust white people any more. I mean, where are the white clerics, denouncing this terrible crime? The leader of the white people (Trump) just condemned the violence, but did so by suggesting that it is happening on both sides! This wasn't a back and forth attack, this -- like so many attacks -- was perpetrated by a hateful race, hell bent on destruction. I wish those white people would just go back to where they came from (Europe). Oh, I know there are some good ones here (some of my friends are white, and that really nice guy that makes my coffee) but I just don't feel safe anymore. Maybe it is time we ban immigrants from certain majority white countries.
This is just totally and inexcusably sick.

I don't know any white people who are NOT condemning this. Most of us would love to see the perps sent back to the places they are from (i.e. the Confederacy).
@24 Looks like @22 was making a clever joke. Try re-reading it and see if it reminds you of anything you've heard before.
Every time I think I couldn't possibly hate Donald Trump any more, I'm proven wrong. It's so depressing and exhausting.

Fuck off, white nationalists. You're traitors to humanity and a waste of good Wonder Bread.
@27: Not all of them. But an uncomfortably high number of them.

NPR has updated the figure to say 3 have died. Two were in that crashed police helicopter. [Link] (This seems to be the post that they're updating to track developments on this.)
Trump blames "many sides" and the latest from the NYTimes within the last hour is using words like, "Witnesses to the crash...", the word "terrorism" nowhere to be found.

While I grind my teeth into dust, I'm also wondering if it would be possible to compile a list of statues of racists on government property nationwide, along with information about whether there is action being taken to remove the statues, and where in the process that action might be. Maybe a Stranger intern? And if that's a project that's too large to take on, that alone is a sad, sad commentary.
There is Robert E. Lee Elementary School in East Wenatchee. And yes, it's named after that racist traitor. WTF?
@4: My goodness, I think you may be right on this one. Huffington Post.
Not an American here. Why aren't ALL you guys out marching in protest about this stuff? Too busy on the internet?
@32: And what makes you think you're exempt from marching out in protest just because you're not an American? You can even "protest" by giving to the Souther Poverty Law Center, for example, by opening up another tab on your browser, right now, on the internet.

And what makes you think such things or similar are not going on in your own country?

Then you can be sanctimonious.
@33: Still here I see...
Can't Washington State generate ONE politician capable of real eloquence, or at least good sound-bite type quotes. Someone the national news media turns to for a response when these type of news events occur. Seriously, we have the most non-telegenic, charisma-challenged delegation of any state. And now Seattle wants to elect another anodyne party apparatchik zombie. Once this state produced Charlie Chongs and Dixie Lee Rays and Mike Lowrys, now we produce Susan Del Benes, ugh. Are we really all this bland?

In times like these, why can't we have politicians who turn the nation's attention to me?

Or to people more like myself, or at least to the place where I live?
@35: its that blandness that i appreciate. it's very canadian and competent. if you ever listen to canadian news you'll notice that crazy american shit doesn't happen. and that's good.
@16- " this, who is actually not an asshole, believe it or not,"

It is literally impossible to be a supporter of these Nazi wannabes and not be an asshole.
The head of WSU's College Republicans was marching in Charlottesville. What a proud Cougar. Pig.
Protest Emails Between Portland Police and Homeland Security: “It’s a Riot”...…
"War Against the Weak", Edwin Black.
People are identifying the Charlottesville Nazis and getting them fired...…

I want these people on the no-fly list.

Your Revere Press "reporting" consists of screencaps of one guy on twitter claiming one single person was fired because twitter guy got really twitter-shouty about it?

I mean yes, let's all not employ white supremacists, please... but for Pete's sake, SLOG isn't an extension of your weird little internet infobubble, either.

My wife is Canadian. We were both out there. Racism isn't just an "American problem".
dow constantine had a nice thing to say today:

To the white supremacists and fascists who gathered today at Westlake Center under the false pretense of patriotism the day after the violence that a similar group sparked in Charlottesville, I have a message to share on behalf of the people of King County:
We fought a Civil War against slavery, and you lost. We fought a World War against fascism, and you lost. Today, we stand united against the hateful rhetoric you have brought to our community. And you will lose again.
Are you White?
people ahould use a phantasm other than soros (87), he's so old, need someone young and spry to be believeable, like gates (61) or robert mercer (71), or the kochs (77, 83). always remember: if you see somthing that conflicts with how you understand reality, it's fake, a ruse, a trick, a perversion- how could you, who are right, be wrong?
@48, 49

Hey Jake; come back when you turn 21.

Until then, do your homework, clean your room, stay out of trouble and definitely get ahold of some info with more signal and a lot less noise, mmkay?

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