"Fuck These Guys": Pro-Trump Rally in Seattle Drowned Out by Hundreds of Counter-Protestors


Incredibly despicable: "Cops and Klan, hand-in-hand"
Typical fucking Seattle SJWs

Plenty of time and energy to complain about a Robert Lee statue 2,500 miles away, but ZERO awareness and interest to remove a Lenin statue in Fremont, after his pogroms killed millions.

Intellectually lazy and fucking hypocrites.
I was there. SPD needs to chill. Their riot gear was unnecessarily provocative. They looked as stupid as the pro-Trump losers playing dress-up.
@2: Oops. I'll let you seize on that punctuation boomerang, too tired to retort.

@3: The Lenin statue, according to Wikipedia, is actually for sale by the Carpenter family for $250K. The Robert E. Lee statue, on the other hand, belongs to the City of Charolette.

Given that it is more cost effective for the City of Charolette to remove an odious statue for only labor costs than it is for the City of Seattle to pay the Carpenter family a quarter million dollar to remove an odious statue; your accusation of hypocrisy and intellectually laziness fails.
Oh, we're quite well aware of how much that Lenin stature irks you fucks. Very well aware indeed. Does seeing V.I. Lenin in bronze trigger you? Would you like a little warning at the city limits to protect your fee fees?

You know what someone who fights against the 'injustice' inflicted on white people is called? You know, bringing an end to the social inequities that poor afflicted whites have to suffer? They're called: Social. Justice. Warriors. SJWs for short.

I mean obviously your concept of justice and victimhood is as dumb as a sack of hammers but you can't know that (it's called the Dunning–Kruger effect). In your pea brain, you fight for social justice.

Welcome to the SJW club, snowflake.
Basically, a bunch of right-wing idiots who want government to control our lives by deciding what race gets to go somewhere and what we can or can't do with our bodies was countered by a group of left-wing idiots who want government to control our lives by deciding how much of our income I can take home what kind of means we can use to defend ourselves with.
Dumb ideas vs dumb ideas. Hopefully they will destroy one another and leave the country to the adults.
Ahh...ever hear of the current Marxist-Troskyite council women Sawant?
@5 So if they just sold the Robert E Lee statue and waited, would you be okay with that? No you wouldn't, AND RIGHTFULLY SO! Both the Confederates and the USSR were evil empires built on slavery and oppression and they should demolish any trace of both. That ugly statue of Lenin should be torn down and replaced with a statue of Voltaire (but Seattle "antifa" would probably call him a fascists too and deface it)
Lenin hasn't caused a lot of trouble in the USA. Lee was a slaveholder and a traitor to the USA, who supported an ideology responsible for the murder and enslavement of millions, and a patron saint of our country's largest and most well established terrorist group, the KKK. Slight difference, bro.

Yeah, one of the things that occurred to me was that these Nazis claim to be American patriots but were rallying ostensibly to defend a statue of a traitor.
"When Gibson took the stage, he denounced the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacist violence in Charlottesville. Several pro-Trump supporters took the mic after him, calling for free speech at this downtown rally permitted by the City of Seattle. Gibson also invited counter-protesters to address the crowd, though their speeches were met with jeers from the pro-Trump crowd."

Sorry, antifa, but that doesn't sound like Naziism to me. Your black outfits and your clubs, on the other hand, do have a delicate scent of Nazi about them.
#11: Actually there is someone who supports Lenin, someone you may even know. The mayor of a small town who, suddenly after years of poverty and obscurity, finally had a platform to share with the world his vision of utopia. And in one of his first acts as mayor, and in combination with his honeymoon, he traveled to Moscow, where he made a dramatic 'pilgrimage' to Lenin's tomb, and then returned to speak of the power of it all, and lecture us on our selfish ways, and offer salvation. Wanna take a wild guess who that was? Would you let him plan your honeymoon?
Sorry 11. Meant 8.
@Fire Aim Ready: " delicate scent of Nazi about them?" As opposed to the actual swastikas being displayed by the other side? Really? How far have you crawled up your own ass with these "alternative facts" where one side waves Nazi flags and chants Nazi slogans (along with "Heil Trump"), and you call the other side Nazis because their shirts are black?
George Washington owned 10 human being ... at 11 years old. And then soon 100's.

Above fingers are wagged about "know your history." So get past the polite apologist narratives. It"s clear that Washington could have, like other prominent men of his time, freed his slaves while he lived, and that Martha was an ultra-entitled super-wealthy elite who stubbornly continued the miserable bondage of scores of real people until and after her death.

The Washington's ruthlessly chases down runaways and ran an end-around scam to exempt their massive collection of people the owned from progressive state law that would have required their release.


And yet we write his name everytime we write our addresses, see his face at every freeway exit, mull our outrage at a far away Lee statue as we walk under slaver George's massive statue at our most prized state instutution named for him.

Have said it for 30 years - the Washington's self-inerested pro-slavery attitudes and acts, against the active abolitionism they might have embraced (and so spared millions of people chattel misery), are unforgivable.

We need to change the name of our state.

Or do we prefer to be hypocrites, clucking our tongues at the easy targets from a very comfortable distance?
@Traffic Spiral Are we talking about the same event? I read through the local coverage and looked at the photo galleries. I saw no swastikas. As noted in the article above, Joey Gibson, the organizer of the event, denounced the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacist violence in Charlottesville. He doesn't really strike me as a Nazi, giving his own stage over to opposition speakers.

But maybe the black-clad, masked, club-wielding antifas aren't Nazis. Maybe that's a 2x6 of peace, love, and understanding in that antifa's hand:
@10 - yeah, that was silly
Oh my. I think we may have created the dumbest comment thread in Slog's history. This is all "SJW's" and "antifa's" fault, all of Seattle is complicit with the crimes of Lenin because of a privately owned statue (which looks to be on private property), and we need to change the name of the state because Washington was a horrible person (and his wife was no prize, either).

(Since we're not allowed to have any sort of public person that we can admire without being an equally horrible person, what should we call the state after the purge?)

This all started with the Patriot Prayer Group deciding to come to Seattle and make fools of themselves. They wanted to feel like victims because they knew nobody in Seattle is dumb enough to buy Trump's line. Keep that stuff in Centralia, and nobody cares.

I knew that conservatives were masters of projection and deflection, but this one really takes the cake. Well played, everyone.
The right wing of this country has some neo nazis and fascists and racists in its fold. It wasn't clear to me that this protest group was about that.

Maybe save the labels of nazi and racist for the actual nazis and racists? When everyone is a racist the term loses its power and meaning.
i've come to the conclusion that protests are idiotic, no matter who does them. in this case, it was right wingers. next week, it will be someone else. oh well.
@22 Seattle has a strong tradition of obnoxious pointless protests. Years of Iraq protests that actually piddled out before the draw-down did were the best times. Oh look everyone and their pet cause is out to block traffic again! Applause! Change is happening because people have creative signs!
@20: I do agree with Clara T, however. the name of our state should be Tahoma.

@3: the Lenin statue is there IRONICALLY.
The fascist understander has logged on and todays hot take is that being against fascism is bad and calling someone a Nazi makes them act like a nazi. Not sure how that math works out.
And afterwards everyone was awarded a participation trophy.
@3 Please, tell me of your vast knowledge of Lenin's crimes. I am sure you are very well informed and won't confuse him and Stalin at all.

I bet you don't even know the year he died. Besides, communists aren't roaming the streets of the United States beating and murdering people.
wow, nazi trolls get up early. or maybe they're not in seattle.
You guys, Robert E. Lee was a racist and a traitor, yet statues honoring his memory are on government-owned property. Apparently there is also a privately owned Lenin statue in Washington. If you don't understand why these 2 things are not the same it's not sjw's fault. It’s your parents and teachers who have failed you.
Im with @21 on this one. There's enough of the real thing out there, no need to slap nazi labels and shout down everyone you disagree with. It cheapens the claim when it's relevant.

And the intimidation by antifa is fucking disgusting. Fuck those guys too.

Well, it turns out the quote from Bannon claiming to be a Leninist is unproven, but it looks like all that means is he won't confirm our deny it:

The lenin statue is a joke. Like the russian missile. Its more of a monument to 'ha ha look at the stupid soviet union'.

However it isn't a joke that the president of the WSU college republicans marched at, and spoke briefly at the Nazi rally in Charlotesville.
Bernie Bro's shooting GOP members of Congress, Nazi's running down people in the streets and cops killing everyone.

It's totally Wiemar Republic up in this mother fucker!
And I should also note that the "anti-fascists" also showed up at the Gary Johnson rally last year shouting "no Nazis, no KKK no fascist USA" at GARY JOHNSON SUPPORTERS!

You can say what you will about Gary Johnson, but I don't think anyone is fair to call him a Nazi.
@13 It is also worth mentioning that Gibson, the right-wing numbskull behind this rally, is HALF ASIAN! How the hell can they be a "nazi organization" if they are run by a guy who isn't even white? I am no fan of right-wing idiocy, but fair is fair.

Moral of the story: in Seattle, anything to the right of Sawant is considered a Nazi, and anyone who disagrees with the consensus on anything, be it taxation, regulation, gun rights, etc, is considered a "fascist" and shouted down by the small but vocal minority. I even saw a gay black man with the Pink Pistols, a gay gun-rights group, called a "fascist" and surrounded by "anti-racist" at the Pride March.

I wouldn't be surprised if this mentally eventually ended up effecting how people drink beer too: if you don't like IPAs, you are a FASCIST RACIST HOMOPHOBIC TRUMP VOTING BIGOT! I could so see antifa attacking the next beerfest shouting "no pilsners! No ESB! No maltists USA!" And the Stranger would write an article defending them and trying to dig up dirt on the racist history of stouts, porters, and wheat beers.

For a city so interested in "diversity," it has become ironically conformist.
Hey its me, the guy that studied history and thinks Nazis could never be allied with Asians.
Ahh...it was LED by a half Asian, not "allied with." And is there any evidence anywhere that this right-wing circle jerk are neo-nazis? Any evidence at all?

There is, however, plenty of evidence that shithead Sawant is a communist: http://www.iiipublishing.com/blog/2013/1…
but if anyone were to ever protest Sawant, SPD would be called and they would be beaten to a pulp and Der SStranger would never mention it.
I thought the same thing!
Commies to the left of me and fascists to the right of me.
Hey its me, the guy that points out that the Nazis were LED by someone that was part Jewish so they could not have been an anti-Semitic organization.
@36 I laughed, thank you for that.
@36. Well then that proves it. Despite his claims to the contrary, Japan and Germany fighting as allies 70+ years ago proves that Gibson is an Asian nazi.

Excellent detective work. That almost slipped past the rest of us.
The Lenin statue was brought to Fremont as a JOKE, by a rich white guy, in the early 1990s when Communism went extinct. He's standing next to a mini-mall, for God's sakes. Nobody in Fremont sees its presence as an actual tribute to the Soviet Union. There's nothing in Kshama Sawant's program that would replicate Stalinism-and it was Stalin, not Lenin, who turned the USSR into a blood-soaked police state
BTW-in reference to your "V is for Voluntary" icon-what did anybody ever coerce you into doing?
LOL! So true! But remember, to the Seattle reds, anyone who disagrees with them on ANYTHING is a Nazi, and race and ethnicity is irrelevant.
Remember, these are the same "anti-racists" who shouted profanities at a GAY BLACK MAN at the Pride March because he was with the Pink Pistols, a gay rights group that supports the second amendment. And something tells me Der SStranger would be okay with that...

There is "nothing in Sawant's program that is Stalinist" because, first and foremost, she's a Troskyite. Second, would it matter if David Duke was elected to office on a platform that wasn't Hiterlist? No. You would (RIGHTFULLY) look at his past and his overall believes and understand that he's an asshole who should be sent to the firing squad before he is elected anything. Likewise, Sawant is a communist piece of shit who should be given a Chilean helicopter ride. (I hate Pinochet, btw, but I like to trigger commies with the reference)

And the Confederacy ended long before the Soviet Union did. But the statues of Lee are still a symbol of the oppression and evil done to countless people and should be toppled. Same with that statue of Lenin. Seattle's red-fascists are living in a glass house and throwing stones through with a cannon to talk about the south when they are just as bad. If the statue of mass murdering tyrant Lenin is a "joke," the shit isn't funny. Want a joke? Put a statue of Richard Simmons outside of Uneeda Burger.

And every time I buy a soda in Seattle, I'm coerced out of my money for "my own good." If I purchased guns and ammo in Seattle, I would have my money taken "for my own good." And if Sawant and her ilk had their way, everything I'm saying now would be branded "anti-worker hate speech" and I would be sent to jail.

Good news is Bellevue is a lot more sane and I can now laugh at the goings-on on the other side of the "iron lake" from the safety of a much freer city.
Hitler hid that he was part Jewish, Gibson is openly mixed-race. In fact, I have yet to see any evidence anywhere that this right-wing circle jerk is composed of neo-nazis. Why oh why couldn't the counter protestors just be honest and say "we don't like it when people who disagree with us speak?" I might think "Patriot Prayer" are a silly bunch of Tea baggers, but I have to be honest: they are NOT Nazis.

But then again, the antifa did show up at the Gary Johnson rally and called me (a non-white) and other people "Nazi scum." And my "Black Lives Matter to Libertarians" sign? It was labeled "racist" by the white antifa buffoons. It's the same thing: the alt-left will label anyone they disagree with on anything "Nazis" and people like you and Der SStranger will believe them. Just be honest with yourselves: you can't stand when people voice an opinion you disagree with and would prefer to live in a country that does not have a first amendment.

I would not be surprised if antifa showed up at the upcoming Depeche Mode concert. "No New Wave! No fascists USA!" If enough of them are not down with synthpop, they will find some mental gymnastics to call Depeche Mode a new Nazi group.
The ongoing movement to take down Confederate monuments is about public property, and the use of public resources. These monuments are hijacking the government that speaks for all of us to express a fringe view. To glorify actual traitors against that very government.

Nobody is trying to remove privately owned Confederate monuments on private property. That Lenin statue in Fremont is privately owned, and it's not on public land. The government has no business even considering whether or not to remove it. It's irrelevant if the owners of that piece of private property are being ironic or pseudo-ironic or what. Just kidding not kidding? Doesn't matter. It's theirs. Not ours, not yours.

Are you sure you even know what collectivism is? You seem to have a weak grasp of these concepts.
Collectivism_sucks dear, there was a time when you aspired for Houston, but you've settled for Seattle Lite, Still in Martin Luther King Jr. County, in the Soviet of Washington. What happened? You couldn't make it in Texas, or you just couldn't quit us?
So if a privately owned statue of general Lee was on public land, but the statue itself was privately owned, you would be okay with that? Because while the Statue of Lenin is privately owned, it is sitting on public property. Hence, it should be taken down. If it was sitting in the owner's yard, I wouldn't say anything.
Using tax payer dollars to house a statue of a communist dictator is indeed collectivism
@46 I am in Bellevue. I was surprised to find how short a distance it took to get away from Seattle fascism.
No. You fucking fucknuts. Fucking free market capitalist lovers of private property and free enterprise who can't stand state owned shit DON'T FUCKING GRASP THE BASIC DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PUBLIC AND PRIVATE.

You fail at Collectivism 101. You fail at Private Property 101. I'm giving you an F for today. In fact let's just give you an F for the midterm and your final grade in Collectivism and Private Property 101 is also going to be a big fat F.

Parcel 1972203035
Present use: Retail Store
Property name: retail/fast food
Jurisdiction: SEATTLE
Taxpayer name: LAPORTE JAMES W
Address: 3526 FREMONT PL N 98103
Appraised value: $539,900
Lot area: 3,992
Levy code: 0010
Property Report Districts Report
Source: King County Assessor

That fucking statue was bought by a PRIVATE citizen with his OWN money. He paid to have it moved here with HIS OWN money. He put it on HIS OWN land in Issaquah. Then PRIVATE citizens used their OWN FUCKING MONEY which they have because it's THEIRS (which is another way of saying NOT FUCKING YOURS DO I HAVE TO KEEP YELLING THIS YOU FUCKHEAD?) to move it to Fremont. It was placed on PRIVATE PROPERTY. It sits on parcel 1972203035, address 3526 Fremont Place North. It is a retail space with a little plaza surrounded by storefronts, mostly restaurants. The CUSTOMERS who BUY the FOOD from the PRIVATE BUSINESSES on the PRIVATE PROPERTY eat the FOOD in the plaza. Which is part of the PRIVATE PROPERTY that YOU DON'T OWN.

It's like if you go to the MALL and there's a FOOD COURT? And there's a potted plant to make it kind of less depressing? That potted plant is NOT YOURS. It belongs to THEM. The same fuckers who own the fucking food court and the fucking mall. The statue of Lenin is basically a potted plant in a food court.

Or maybe it's symbol. Maybe it's a deconstruction of the irony of the intersection of modern capitalism and art. Maybe it's a weirdly shaped lightning rod. DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER WHAT IT IS BECAUSE IT'S SOMEBODY'S PRIVATE FUCKING WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU DON'T OWN, THE CITY DOESN'T OWN, THE STATE DOESN'T OWN AND NO GOVERNMENT AGENCY HAS ANY CONTROL WHATSOEVER OVER WHAT MESSAGE IT SAYS.

Your fucking pie hole spewed the following piece of utter idiocy: "Using tax payer dollars to house a statue of a communist dictator is indeed collectivism"

Sigh. Here is the total City of Seattle Department of Lenin Statues budget for FY 2017:


In 2016, Seattle's Pro Commie Leninist Propaganda Services Agency spent, lets see... um... I get a total of ZERO DOLLARS. Because no such thing exists. The state of Washington also spent -- can you guess how much? -- fuck all on Lenin statues. Fuck. All. Zero. Nothing.

It's a private retail space that makes money and pays its fucking taxes. Do we need to keep going over this? Which part do you not understand?

Do you rightwing libertardian wingnut goofs actually believe that for the last TWENTY TWO YEARS your local government has been spending your tax dollars on a statue of Vladmir Lenin? And it never crossed anybody's mind to like, object? Like to show up at a city council meeting and say, uh, no, please *don't* spend public money on that? You guys have just been sitting around stewing because big giant bags of $$$ have been wasted on old communist art?

Think about how fucking dumb that is.

Delete your account already dude. This is pathetic.
Shit-be-gone, Nazi trolls.
So just to be shore: you would be okay with a Hitler statue in a city in the deep south as long as it was on "private property"?

And no one in Seattle objects to communist monuments. That is why I moved.
And it really isn't "private property" as it obstructs to sidewalk, which is paid for by tax payer money.

Also, you did not cite any sources, so your very loud, very childish rant is invalid

But I've come to expect nothing but failure from you, so no surprise there.
"And no one in Seattle objects to communist monuments. That is why I moved."

That's all it took? What will it take to get you to move further than Little Seattle and delete your account? (Asking for a friend)
Oh, and no Collectivism_sucks dear. The statue no more "obstructs the sidewalk" than any other privately owned structure does. Maybe someday you will own real estate and understand how property lines work.

But I doubt it....
There already are Nazi and Confederate monuments on private property all of the place. A guy in Wisconsin put a Hitler monument on his farm about 10 years ago. There are stores that sell memorabilia to fans of whatever fucked up regime gets them off. You think I'm going to all of a sudden start losing sleep over the weird shit people do on their own property? When every single racist and Biblical monument has been removed from every single public property in the country, check back with me and then see if I have time to care what other people do with their own land and their own money. I'm probably going to say hump yer Hitler statue all you want. It's your farm, Cletus. At least you'll give your sister and your sheep a break on nights you spend with Adolph.


First you make up this idea that Seattle paid for the statue. Then you make up this shit about the statue being on public property. Now you make up some total bullshit about it blocking the sidewalk.

Very few sidewalks in Seattle are owned by the city. They're right-of-way easements, owned by the property owner, not the city. Anyway, if the statue did in fact violate the property owner's duty to keep and maintain a clear sidewalk, then there would be grounds to file a complaint. You dumbfucks wouldn't have had to spend the last 22 years being oppressed by Fremont Lenin. Confidential: a call to SDOT that a sidewalk has been obstructed improperly will get prompt action. There are people whose job is to enforce this. You have a powerful tool to bring down old V.I. Lenin. Except for the bullshit aspect, but other than that, you got something there.

"you did not cite any sources, so your very loud, very childish rant is invalid" Wait: are you now denying that parcel 1972203035 is privately owed? Are you denying that no tax money has ever been spent on the Lenin statue? You don't believe it? Is it your intention to go on believing all this made up shit just because you want to? Exactly how many tax dollars do you think are spent on Fremont Lenin?

Have you ever heard the words "parcel viewer"? Have you ever considered googling them? Perhaps searching for parcels with numbers like 1972203035?

If you really believe tax money and public resources are used for the Lenin statue, why don't any of you dumbfucks ever do the obvious fucking thing and ask the city to stop spending that money? You would have such a huge scandal if you were to tell the world how much Seattle spends on their VI Lenin tchotchke.

Obviously. Obviously none of that is happening.

I used to not care much about that thing, but if V.L. Lenin is what drove you out of my city, I think I do kind of like having him around now. I wonder where we can buy a Trotsky or a Kruschev to scare the rest of the assholes away. Also, I hope you realize you're giving Bellevue ideas. Don't be surprised if one of your neighbors over there finally buys Lenin and puts it up in their front yard. It's like a scare crow, but for douches. A scaredouche.
1) When you make a "Chilean helicopter ride" joke, you don't just "trigger commies". You disgust pretty much all decent human beings.

2) Sales taxes are just part of life in Washington state. The reason they are used is that the state doesn't have an income tax, largely because the rich won't tolerate a state income tax being imposed. It's not the fault of anybody on the left that sales tax is a thing.

As long as there is government(and we have to have it, and we have to have at at least its current size-going back to local, state and federal governments at the 1929 level of expenditure and staffing is not an option in a civilized country-any country that does reduce government to that level will probably end up replicating at least some of the conditions of Somalia.

And nobody's coercing you with the soda and ammo taxes-consuming those products very often ends up increasing state and local expenditures for healthcare and for costs associated with gun crime. You're simply being expected to pay for what the products you use cause.

3) Kshama Sawant, who represents a perfectly legitimate political viewpoint, would never send you to jail for the opinions you express. She simply wouldn't guarantee that you were treated with any special deference.

Sorry, but nobody ever imposed anything tyrannical on you, and you've never had any justification for the persecution mania you display.

Enjoy living in Bellevue-the city largely built on the stolen land of the Japanese internees of World War II-but of course, you wouldn't see anything that ever happened to THEM as injustice or coercion.
Also...are you saying you see taxes on soda and bullets as coercion, but not taxes on fruits and vegetables?

The true anti-coercion position would be to finance state and local government by progressive income tax, which is fair to all, as opposed to consumption taxes, which take disproportionately from those with the lowest incomes-people's whose lives would be hard enough without having to pay extra for luxury items like fruit, vegetables, carbohydrates and protein sources.