Why Did Someone Have to Get Killed Before GoDaddy Severed Ties With The Daily Stormer?


liberty dies if a racist cant tell gamers and shut-ins that mexicans have smaller brains than white people
It's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH. What, should go daddy also cut all ties with socialists groups because of the shooting at the GOP charity baseball game practice? http://www.cnn.com/2017/06/14/homepage2/…
As long as someone isn't directly advocating violence, the speech must be protected.
Hey its me, the guy that thinks the constitution forces businesses to give Nazis a platform to spew hate.
No, GoDaddy deciding not to allow its business to be associated with nazis is FREEDOM OF SPEECH because GoDaddy is a private company. As far as stormfront is concerned this is a business transaction, and they violated the terms of service they signed when they entered into this agreement.

Why do people who call themselves libertarians know the least about the rights they claim to care about?
@3,4, and 5

ahh...where exactly did I say they HAD to let Nazis have a website? In fact, I implied the opposite by pointing out that they can also let socialists have websites or not let socialists have websites. By "freedom of speech" I'm referring to the fact that many sites allow content that they may disagree with.

Only a Marxist would read "freedom of speech" and get "they have to be forced to allow Nazis to have a site on their platform." Some of us remember the days when Freedom of speech was the ethos that most of the internet lived by.

@6 "stupid" is what happens when people read something into a post that isn't there. And Libertarians generally have higher IQs: http://reason.com/archives/2014/06/13/ar…

As usual, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to pwn you all.
And if they did business with Marxists would that be okay?
It's not like communism ever killed anyone...
Unless GoDaddy is currently hosting a marxist blog that violated their terms of service by posting an article degrading a victim of domestic terrorism as a drain on society who is better off dead, your point remains fucking stupid.
@7 Nazism resulted in the slaughter of nearly 50 million human beings. Racist genocide is the central philosophy of Nazism. They are terrorists. Like ISIS.

Bernie Sanders wants universal healthcare and better daycare.

I know it's hard. But maybe stop defending racist shit bag terrorists for five seconds and think about it.
The point that most people forget is that rampant bigotry has a goal: murder. As much murder as they can get away with. This is not hyperbole, this is history. Wherever racism and bigotry have been allowed to prosper, cold-blooded, first-degree murder is the result.

This is not a "freedom of speech" issue. Promoting bigotry is planning murder. Whether it be taking people out of the homes and hanging them, tying them to a fence and beating them to death, or hiding in the bushes with a gun and shooting them.

If you are defending the "alt-right," we know what you want: You want to murder people. You can squirm behind your righteousness, defend yourself with your victimhood and superiority, but you lie. We know what you are, because we have centuries of history, and hundreds of millions of bodies as proof as to what you are.
my response: http://donaldrobertson.name/wp-content/u…

@11 when did I mention Sanders? He's an asshole, but he's nowhere near as bad as some of the other far-left shit: http://www.plp.org/
And yes, communism has killed a few people....

@12 as for committing murder: http://www.cnn.com/2017/06/14/homepage2/…

As long as no one is saying "kill this person," it's free speech, and a company should respect that and host anything as long as it doesn't break any laws.

I mean, what if one of the prostitutes in the ads in the back of the Stranger turned up dead and killed by a John who found them from the Stranger? Would it be the Stranger's fault?
(I wonder if the Stranger staff ever thinks of that one)
No shit you didn't mention Sanders, that's why you're being called out. When people in western democracies speak of socialism they are talking about health care and the social safety net – like Sanders – but you're speaking of it as though free college and day care are indistinguishable from the totalitarian communist regimes of the 20th century. There is plenty of legitimate gripes to be had with democratic socialism, but you are trying to conflate it with tyranny and mass human suffering.

Marxism is a political philosophy primarily concerned with economics and the distribution of wealth; it has been interpreted broadly across civilizations since its creation. Nazism is a political philosophy primarily concerned with racial purity and genocide; the literal slaughter of millions of people is its central, defining feature. There is not an intellectually honest way to treat these 2 philosophies as though they are morally equivalent, but keep trying.
Godaddy is a terrible company that doesn't give as shit about speech, they care about money.

i have a friend that deals with fraud, and GoDaddy is happy to keep TOS with all manner of fraudulent websites who feed to overseas scam artists, they just don't give a fuck.