What We Know About James Allsup, the WSU College Republican President Who Rallied in Charlottesville


College Republican, the perfect cover for a racist. No one would have suspected.
So, I'm gonna go ahead and guess that this cabbage headed moron hasn't actually read the WSL Code of Student Conduct guidelines for all state schools.

(2) The standards of conduct may also apply to off-campus conduct that adversely affects the health and/or safety of the university community or the pursuit of the university's vision, mission, or values.
(3) The university has sole discretion to determine what conduct occurring off-campus adversely impacts the university's interests described in subsection (2) of this section. In determining whether university interests are adversely affected and whether to exercise jurisdiction, the conduct officer considers whether the alleged conduct:
(a) Required exercise of jurisdiction under law or as required by federal or state agencies;
(b) Negatively impacted the reputation of the university or its students;
(c) Occurred on the property of recognized living groups;
(d) Caused physical, mental, or emotional harm to another;
(e) Was recognized by onlookers, complainants, or witnesses as being carried out by a student or recognized student organization.
(4) These standards of conduct may be applied to behavior conducted online, via electronic mail or other electronic means.

Why are you giving column inches (pixels?) to this jerk, when the sole purpose of the College Republicans is to draw media attention to themselves?

You've been played.
College Republicans: We Only Attend Neo-Nazi Rallies For The Free Publicity - No Seriously Guys We're Cool (TM)
As a Nazi, he is a threat to the campus community.
Let him stay in school and never get laid.
You can't hide behind Journalism when you marched, Paleoconservative.

Regardless, I wouldn't boot him. Discipline, sure. 1 quarter interning for Omari Tahir-Garrett.
Sweet FSM, we're really in a moral abyss as a nation when a university can't be bothered to expel a snide, racist, little neo-Nazi like this obtuse shit-for-brains.
I agree with Max Solomon - don't give this special snowflake a story of "white oppression" to brag about to his neo-Nazi friends. Just discipline him with some social work and warn him that if he does anything outside the lines again, he will be expelled. And watch his "republican" club for bad behavior as well, and if they step a toe out of line, then their little white-pride group should be disbanded and every group member should not be permitted to join another group for 1 year.
Mock particicution?
@11 No. Keep up the attention. Get the shit pile expelled. Let him slither along the ditches of fringe employment. Let it serve as a warning to all these bottom feeding Nazi shit slugs.
You're cruel, Max!
@14 ... but not too cruel.
@10 Original Andrew: I couldn't agree with you more. You nailed it again.
@8 This is the most devastatingly witty comment I've ever read on Slog, and it will probably never be surpassed. I'm passing it on to everyone I know.
1- Wonder what made all the usual rightcists commenting first to every news item on the stranger stay away this time.

2- At least in the picture on this site the dude looks just like a young Tim Eyman
I almost threw up in my mouth from the lefties circle jerk that is going on in the comments. James is not at all a Nazi. Lol
It is pretty ironic how the lefties are quick to label every conservative and moderate on the other side a Nazi after one terrorist attack by one (provoked by antifa nonetheless. If they have not showed up, none of this would have happened). But when a Muslim terrorist runs someone over in Paris, all of a sudden it is NotAllMuslims. What a bunch of hypocrites you are.
Antifa and BLM shares just as much responsibility for the death of a an innocent woman. They came there to assault and vandalise (which they did), and the alt right came there to speak. So after assaulting people, this is what happened. Congratulations, hypocrites.
Yes, the unlined pasty face of Nazi youth, right there. How does one become so smug and ignorant at such a young age? At least the little schmuck stepped down.
coolio @ 19
Are you suggesting leftists should kill those who disrupt their events?

Can you give us any examples of leaders of campus Democrats marching shoulder to shoulder with torch-bearing ISIS or al Qaeda supporters?
But wait we need the most important information about James: his address.
@19 - you lie like the trump you worship.
So everyone who believes in the first amendment or resents people toppling our statues is a nazi? You people are mental.