Game of Thrones Recap! Dropping the Hammer in "Eastwatch"


Its not Earth. It's Earth-like. But apparently you don't need to wear a hat when it's cold.

I'm excited for the wight-catching super-team!
So. Why didn't they just send a dragon up north? They have three.
His god damned hand did not fall off. You can see the fingertips before he sinks. His arm is foreshortened because both arms are pointing toward the camera as he falls away from the viewer. His right arm does look really short like something's missing, sure. But look at his left! It's even shorter.
You know the Night King actually grabbed Bran last time he went back and saw him in a vision, in the past even? Of course he would see him again if he comes snooping around.

I think they're going to reveal that the High Valerian word "valonqar" is not just "little brother". It can be little cousin, little nephew, any of those younger relations. Just like the "prince that was promised" can be a princess. Cercei is going to die in childbirth. The valonqar will be her little child/niece/nephew. And the little brother of her other Just like Tyiron killed their mom? Probably be a dwarf too. Or just be the little brother of Cercei's other three dead children.

"Gendry dips into his carry-on luggage and hammers out a solution." OK, that's awesome. All is forgiven.
You know who I'd ask how to bring back a wight? Michonne.
@2 - Perhaps dragons can't survive the cold? Anyway, wouldn't Daenerys have to pilot the dragon north of The Wall? And that might be too dangerous.

I'm disappointed that LIttlefinger seems to have the upper hand at Winterfell. I was hoping Arya had that situation under control. After everything that little girl has gone through, I would have thought she would be a ninja supreme. Littlefinger is merely a smart, street-wise pimp with a hunger for power.
what ever.
Gendry is a bastard born in the Crownlands, so his surname is technically Waters. But he grew up thinks my he was a commoner, so he's used to not having a surname.

My guess is that if he survives the ruling monarch (Queen Sansa?) will legitimize him as a Baratheon. She might even marry him, though my guess is he and Arya are a match.
If you really wanted to get upset about Jaime's hand, you should notice all the moving his fingers do in that scene where Bronn drags him out of the water. Nikolai is wearing a very fancy glove in that scene, and he doesn't keep his fingers as completely still as he meant to.

Also, who wants to put money down on one of the Ghostbusters getting killed in that excursion beyond the Wall, and *they* are the one brought back as a wight? Bonus points for it being a character that Cercei would recognize.