WSU Student James Allsup Wrote Hateful Posts on Facebook Before He Went to Charlottesville


This guy is a piece of shit. But I say he be set free... set free, after he is made to dress in a klan robe and driven to the South Side of Chicago, that is.

But I still love how Der SStranger has all this info on this piece of Nazi filth...but they barely mentioned that piece of commie filth who shot up the GOP baseball game.

Remember folks: It's ok when your side does it.
On the one hand, someone was his mother and loves him. On the other, my pity to that poor woman.
You know, if a Fraternity had a leader that did all this $#!T, the university would revoke their charter if the national organization didn't.
OK but *besides* all that, he isn't racist at all. Anyone who puts aside his spoken and written words, the images he publishes, his videos, the places he goes and the people he associates with is going to have a hard time believing this isn't yet another smear campaign by the fake media.

Do we want to live in an America where everyone who says racist things or publishes racist videos and pictures or joins public rallies of racists and praises notorious racists gets called a racist? That's going to have quite a chilling effect on anyone who only wants to make assumptions about people's race based on racist stereotypes and make derogatory remarks about them based on those assumptions. That's a broad brush to paint everyone who says and does racist things as a racist.
Even "illegals" pay taxes. Maybe they should be able to vote.
Wait. Are we saying James Hodgkinson was the president of a college Democrats chapter? Did some Democratic organization give Hodgkinson a title? An office? Was he considered the leader or representative of anything? Was there an ongoing refusal of prominent Democrats to disavow Hodgkinson and his extremist beliefs? Were any prominent Democrats even aware of his extremist beliefs? Even aware of Hodgkinson? Was anybody saying that Hodgkinson was violating the code of conduct of a public university? I missed that debate I guess.

Also: small business owner. Communist. Huh. Really? Okie dokie. I guess I'm not enough of an expert on collectivism to recognize a free market entrepreneur for the communist that he really is.

Although I'm not such a dumbfuck as to think that the Lenin statue in Fremont is being hosted on government property at taxpayer expense. Say what you will, but I'm not *that* guy.
"I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain."
-- James Baldwin...

What inadequacies and fears rest beneath this hateful soul's skin?

We should all send him flowers and candy

"...try to be the rainbow in somebody's cloud." Maya Angelou...

Hate on Hate = More hate
No, I'm not glad any doxxers exist, on either side, because people can be incorrectly identified and end up getting their life turned upside down, like this guy:….

I thought liberals were supposed to be the grown-ups.

@2 yes, you're racist.
Holy fucking SHIT this insane level of hatred is beyond sick!
So we haven't learned a damn thing from Nazi Germany 80 years ago. Sad.
You really can't publish any names until you get confirmation. Don't even retweet a name or photo just to join the fishing expedition. Alsop himself confirmed he was there. He's fair game.
@12: actually, everyone who learned is dead or nearly so. the kids never knew because their parents forgot.
oh, how cute is this little posturing boy in his GI Joe costume! He could get a gig as a stripper if the education thing falls through. Maybe he will post the video of his pole practice while strokes a big shiny gun. Can't wait!
So how much is a 22 year old college student paying in taxes?
@2 - Of course you'd come out of the woodwork to act as an apologist for nazis. I'd expect nothing less.
@5 - You are incredible. Well done sir.
Actually, he was a well known left wing activist:…
Second, yes, commies do all kinds of shit that his hypocritical. The Revolutionary Communist Party is run by Bob Avakian, a well-known trust fund socialist.
Even Frederich Engels himself was from a wealthy family! But I guess he wasn't a communist either...

Third, I never said it was "hosted with tax payer dollars," I said it was on land that is paid for by tax payer dollars, i.e., it is obstructing a sidewalk and in a public place. And I never said the government should get rid of it if it really is private property (still not convinced the city isn't helping it) I said "the city shouldn't allow it," i.e., THE PEOPLE in the city should be up in arms about it. If it was a statue of Ayn Rand in the same spot, all hell would break lose.

Honestly, just delete your account. Or do you enjoy being humiliated again and again?
But I thought black people couldn't be racist?
So saying someone is a piece of shit and suggesting they be released to let the people he hates beat him to death is being an "apologists"?
LMAO! Man you commies are a riot.
Hodgkinson posted a zillion wack rants online. He joined all the FB groups. He spewed out letters to the editor. There's a billion sad little cranks out there who will beg to differ that this makes you "well known". By that standard, you're "well known".

The dude was totally unrecognized for his furious striving for attention. The guy you're defending was, until outed, elected president of WSU's Republicans. He got invited to shit. He had a title. He had something to be fired from, once the party was shamed into it.

If you had presented the sad truth about Hodgkinson to any Democratic group, what would you have pressured them to do? Kick him out of what? You're trying to make it seem like he was accepted, but he clearly was struggling for acceptance and never got it. No progressives saw anything in Hodgkinson.

Alsop they saw something in. He was selected to be the public face of his Republican peers. They knew the guy well, and didn't have a problem with him. You ain't gonna shine that turd.

This made up bullshit about Lenin blocking sidewalks and costing any public money isn't even worth laughing at. You got nothing, you lost, and you haven't got the character to admit you're totally wrong about it. It has nothing at all in common with Confederate monuments on public property.

So if an alt-right nazi, like that douchebag who shot up the church in South Carolina, makes FB posts about a "race war" people should report it...but when an alt-left asshole makes threats on FB about "class war," it's ok if none of his liberal friends turn him in?

I'm still waiting for a cited source to prove that the Lenin statue has received no tax payer funding. And also, you haven't answered the question: how long do you think a statue of Ayn Rand on private property in Seattle would last? People would be boycotting, protesting, etc (even though Rand, while a twit, never hurt anyone) But a statue of a mass murdering asshole? Seattle just shrugs and says "it's ironic!"

And btw, do you think the FDR memorial is on private property? Well guess what: that asshole was an anti-Asian bigot who put countless innocent, patriotic Japanese American citizens in interment camps. Where oh where is the outrage over his statue?
And now you fill go on and on about how the FDR memorial is secretly owned by a private company or some shit.

Just face it dude: you can't win. You have no facts and your side is losing. The minute you get outside of the alt-left hugbox that is Seattle, people are actually sane and have principles.
OK, so now we're agreed that James Allsup's social media posts are damning, and it's good that the Republican Party kicked him to the curb. Sad it took so much pressure to make them do the right thing.

"How long do you think a statue of Ayn Rand on private property in Seattle would last"? There is a libertarian objectivist who has a large reader board he uses to post his anti-collectivist slogans and bon mots for the reading pleasure of thousands of commuters on a major thoroughfare. It's been there for years. Nobody has touched it. Do you you think all the cars with alt-right bumper stickers in Seattle get keyed? You are simply an idiot.

Do you know how many CHURCHES there are? In Seattle even? People put up their Ten Commandments monuments on private property everywhere. Nobody gives a shit. Put them on public property, and then it's a problem.

Public. Private. Public. Private.

Am I speaking a foreign language? Are these concepts new to you?

I take it you finally found your way to the King County Parcel Viewer and saw the public records on 3526 Fremont Place N? And you finally took a look at the billion pictures of the Lenin statue and saw the like 14 foot wide sidewalk is WIDE OPEN. You've obviously never been there. Maybe you tried to complain about the obstructed sidewalk to SDOT and they laughter at you. Sad!

But still the burden is on *me* to hand you proof that the city never subsidized the statue? Subsidized it for what, anyway? Bronze polish? What?

You're just assuming it must be taxpayer funded. Your position on any piece of private property you see is: "government subsidized until proven otherwise"? You just assume other people's stuff isn't rightfully theirs? You just assume that it got there on the backs of the workers? Guy has a nice car? See a swanky house? Show me proof it's not taxpayer funded!

You know who else went around assuming everything he wanted to take did not really belong to the ostensible owner? VLADIMIR LENIN, motherfucker!

How many Confederate statues were knocked down today? Three or four went down yesterday. More will come down tomorrow, or the next day. How many privately owned privately bought and paid for Vladmir Lenin statues have been taken down? Zero. Still zero. Tomorrow, it will be zero. Fremont Lenin will bury you, won't he?

But I'm losing. Whatever dude. You should run out and visit some of that Confederate stonework now while you got the chance. Go hug a General Lee now, while you can. Maybe pin a 2nd place participation ribbon on him.

So much winning! You must be getting tired of all that winning. Enjoy. Say bye bye to your confederate statues, Mr. Win.
The poster whose handle is too long and which I cannot pronounce: You're quite delusional.

"People put up their Ten Commandments monuments on private property everywhere. "

No they don't. What utter pathetic lies.

As for this article: Typical leftist crap. I can tell leftists wrote Allsup's wiki bio. You guys are witch hunters.