I was wondering what Carson's reaction would be. Now we know.

Thank you Charles.
ugly and harsh language from strangers staff. i haven't even seen offensive memes to this effect
more heaped shit from mudede. believe it or not, everything in life is not black and white. or, as mudede would say.... "black and racist"
Down the rabbit hole - we're guilty of Bigotry against the Bigoted. Anit-Bigot Bigots.

@6: are you lost?
@8. Yeah. We are all lost. We came from the room where the left supports Palestinian terror organizations that want the utter decimation of an Israeli state into this room, where the left hates nothing more than nazis, a strictly anti Semitic affair if you can recall. (FYI everybody hates nazis. No stripes for you)So the left loves us now and wants nothing more than to protect us from evil nazis with torches and dodge sedans? What about some help with hamas lobbing rockets into our territory? Crickets. I thought so. GFY you virtue signaling hypocrite.
Wow, Carson... I knew he was a stooge, but these is a seriously low step. I'm seriously amazed.
The right thing for him to have done when asked to toady for President Racist and the White Supremacist Gang, --on this of all issues-- would have been to simply resign.
Even better, also release a statement of condemnation.

But no. Sycophant to the end. Amazing.
@2: The claim is that a black person can't be racist /against a white person/ because oppression doesn't flow upstream. Laterally & downstream, sure.

As a more stark example, an enslaved person can't discriminate against or oppress a slaver no matter what prejudices they might feel toward him or his race. But an enslaved person could get a more trusted position relative to their peers and betray or treat harshly people with even less power in that same system.

Everyone continues to swim in the same current, regardless.

I would like to propose a corollary to Godwin's law:

Any online argument about Nazis will eventually degenerate into an argument about Palestine.
@12 If the goals are the same...better get comfortable wearing that shoe.
@14Nice try. Voted for Hillary. Lifelong liberal. Believe in universal health care. Reparations. Immigration reform. But strangely, I hold beliefs like accountability for ones actions, treating people as individuals not groups, and creating equality of opportunity, not outcome in the same brain. Want to go another step further and call me a nazi, sausage boy?

Whoops, I'm Jewish. So excuse me if your bullshit purity doesn't pass a sniff test.

You have no clue how antisemitic the left is? Please. It's the one thing that thoroughly disgusts me about my own party. Do a threat assessment and ask yourself who is killing more Jews, the hillbilly shit birds in Virginia? Or the state sponsored terrorism surrounding Israel that is coddled and courted by liberals around this country.

Keep playing that anti Semitic card and the anti fascist one at the same time, Antifa fuck boy. The two face look is perfect on you losers.
Jay-Z's Story of OJ says it all.
German Snausage: paid Koch bot.
Couldn't it just be that Carson is just a jerk who knows what side his bread is buttered on?
"Yes. But you have to do the research as we're not your teachers."

I guess you speak for the rest of the white supremacists.
@15: Nobody believes you.
@21 - reading that resume @15, I was reminded of Seattleblues with his ethnically diverse wife and his villa in Italy (and I forget what-all else).

Something about an antique gun?
@22 Half these Trolls are sock puppets and I wouldn't be surprised if they were the dear departed moron Seattle Blahs.

And you know the Stranger could actually do something about that if they actually gave a shit about anything but page views.

It was pretty clear the Stranger doesn't give a shit when they let that troll post scores of comments on a report by Ansel.
@26 it became pretty clear that the stranger didn't give a shit when they fired Ansel :(
@18- that would be a one sentence version of what Charles said.

Actually he's literally quoting Charles Mudede.
@19 So you are one of those assholes doing anarchy for free? Buddy, you are the reason I haven't seen a raise down at the protest factory in 3 years. We've asked Soros to get us a new inflatable rat because the old one has been patched so many times but he wont because you guys are buying your own inflatable trump chickens.
@21: I do.

Whatever else anyone might have thought of Ansel, he was a clickbait goldmine. If The Stranger just wanted to be a locally-flavored ad farm, they'd have kept him.

This leaves the question of what they do want to be, of course; they seem to waver between wanting to be a leftist propaganda outlet, like The Village Voice in the '70s, and wanting to be a harbor for left-informed in-depth investigative reporting, like the Chicago Reader in the '80s.

They've never seemed to understand that you can't mix these two things-- you can't do in-depth reporting without including facts and theories that piss off the ideologues, and when you print agitprop you compromise the integrity of any long-form journalism you run next to it.
@33: Nobody believes somone who arbitrarily says that nobody believes somebody.
@35 boomerangs on me and that's my point!
@32, You shouldn't. He has a history of pretending to agree with everyone except for one random detail that sends him off the rails – in this case he's inserting Hamas into a conversation about Ben Carson for no clear reason other than to have an excuse to be insulting. He's just here to fight with people, and he goes away when he's called out.
To Carson's credit, that statement defending the defense of Nazi's was more enthusiastic and energetic than anything he ever said on the campaign trail. So... good for him on losing the opiate problem I guess?

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