Freedom of expression, even if it involves coffee...and rightly so in Seattle of all cities. Seattle did pretty much the same thing when MTV'S the Real World showed up. It's what Seattle does to morons.
i like where he gets coffee'd
Based on Jones' fairly tame reaction, the coffee does not seem to be scalding.

But perhaps that is just because I am not taking Super Male Vitality Pills and drinking Caveman Bone Broth, and so am not masculine enough to shrug off burning hot liquids.

Coffee throwing guy is weird though, the whole time he is very aggressive but then seems to act like he is the one defending himself after he douses Jones and walks away.
Way to give him the "aggrieved-victim-of-violence photo op" he came for, you coffee-throwing "Inglourious Basterds"-LARPing edgelord.…
And considering what we did when the WTO showed up, he got off easy. You'd think with his global conspiracy theories; if he really believed what he preaches, he would have been here for the WTO demonstrations. But he wasn't, was he?
We're passive aggressive with each other. However, if you are a racist, idiot, asshole from out of town, we become aggressive. And you know it's serious when we waste a cup of our precious java on the offender. Love my city.
I was reading the other day that plastic lemons can squirt juice up to 15 feet! They're cheap and plentiful and you can buy them at any grocery store!

I really don't know why I'm mentioning it now, it just suddenly occurred to me.
This was staged like everything else the turd does. The coffee would have burned him.

The best part of waking up is Folgers in your face.
LOL, that's not coffee, that's his nasty bird bone swill. There's no question this was staged.
I wanna dunk the nutcase. I wanna dunk the nutcase. Is there somewhere that I can pay to do this?
The Alex Jones coffee bukkake was an inside job!
False flag attack.
#2: Keep beating that straw man.,
Mike Maddux, though. Salute!
Is there really any doubt that half the people he encountered were planted? This is a schtick to make money, right?
Yes, false flag.
@14: Given the absence of expected vocalization from having hot coffee splattered on Jones's face, that give credence to it being faked.
I thought punching nazis was the correct thing to do? I suppose Seattle is more "you do you" and what Seattle does, is coffee.
Thank you, Mr. Jones, for exposing the terrible curse of sentience, and for that hysterically funny running style of yours.
raise the goblin flag high, all you have is name-calling and lies!
Why would anyone like this guy come to Seattle to preach? That would be like a KKK member in costume going into Watts and screaming racial epitaphs. Actually Seattlites are use to people screaming on street corners. Our mental health problems are out in the open. I only wish we could help them like we could help Alex Jones with his mental illness.
If preaching jibberish on street corners is what he's into, he couldn't have come to a better place.
@27: because his purpose is Whataboutism. Like our own Dori Monson, he needs to other Seattle and Seattleites - Liberals are being made into the anti-American enemy that Communist countries once were.

@28: the homeless crisis is national. get out more.
Inside job! Inside job! Here's the performance artist Jones presumably hired to douse him with unscalding coffee:…
@30 thank you.
Good job Eric.
Hopefully the Stranger will follow up on this, and try to get an interview with Jake Stratton of Wallingford.
This could actually make national news.
Okay so throwing hot coffee (or perhaps even iced coffee) could be considered assault but...


I just can't help myself!

Alex Jones is a fucking idiot. I repudiate him
Thanks @30!

This smelled like a set-up from the second Jones supposedly confronts the coffee-flinger, who just very conveniently stops whatever busy business he has to get into an in-your-face attack on some rando guy being shadowed by a camera or phone or whatever (I suppose there conceivably could be a few locals who might recognize Jones on-sight, but it's highly suspicious it would be the ONE person he "chose" to approach). And as others have pointed out, if that coffee were "scalding" he would have immediately gone to the ground screaming in agony as the super-heated liquid raised second or third degree burn blisters all over his scorched face.

And I thought he looked familiar: I recall seeing a couple of BlöödHag shows back in the late '90's, and he was also the long-time announcer for Rat City Roller Girls bouts. Hope he at least earned a decent paycheck for this.
Alex was correct to say that the people here are a bunch of brain-washing bots who have been sprinkled with chem trails and years of lies on TV. Of course the radical liberals would act like that - shows their real character that they cannot properly have a legitimate, intelligent conversation with out fighting, or verbally assaulting someone who does not agree with them. These Lib-tards in Seattle need a wake up call and they will reap what they sew. Their behavior shows exactly what type of people they are if they are willing to harm or say fuck to anyone who doesn't agree with their communist brainwashed mind.
Fake News. Obviously staged.

If it was real he would have been punched.
@29, Seattle has 700,000 ppl and over 10K on the street; shooting up and shitting in public. It's a cesspool unlike many others in this country.
Now, if people knew where he was going to be next, and loads of people actually line up with WARM coffee, and EVERYONE that passes him douses him...
@36, we're gonna reap what we sew all right. Yep.
Thank you, Mr. Jones, for exposing the terrible curse of sentience, and for that hysterically funny running style of yours.

You didn't read ANY of the previous comments, did you?
That was set up. Alex Jones set the whole thing up so he can use it to push is wackjob conspiracy agenda.
So fake. So staged.
libtard goblins and their divissive fuck-calling have got to be stopped!
Mr Jones, please come to my restaurant tonight. I dare you.
...uuum this is very unlikely to have been staged. Maddux certainly wasn't.…
I'm so happy I left that cesspool excuse for a city. I don't miss you either.
I love watching him huff and puff. Get off of our hills and back into your cave.
Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, but the temperature drops rapidly as water is removed from the heat source. Hardly anyone (except McDonald's) boils coffee, so the chances of a random cup of boiling coffee being thrown at someone on the street is beyond remote.
Heidi, you left key information out of this story. Was Jones just standing on the street corner like some unhinged homeless person shouting insanities at random passersby or was he conducting "man on the street" interviews or broadcasting?

You just assume that readers are going to applaud an act of violence against Jones without bothering to supply us with any background or context for the encounter. That's pretty shoddy reporting. You're never going to get a Pulitzer writing crap like this.

By the way, though Jones is the consummate asshole, throwing hot coffee in someone's face is never acceptable behavior unless defending against physical (not verbal) attack. There's no justification for violence . . . ever. There's also nothing "cutesy" or "funny" about this. Yet, you treat it that way. I'm going to take a charitable view and assume you're still too young to appreciate that.
@1 German Sausage: So does Washington, D.C. while we still have a country.
@12 tmplknght: LOL--Thanks for making my day.
So, considering that nobody seems to have a problem with attacking someone physically just because you don't like their beliefs, would it be okay if we threw some dim sum in Sawant's face if that scumbag ever step foots in Bellevue? I mean, we hate her over here just as much as Seattle hates bathing and Alex Jones.
@51 Ok, there is one reasonable person at least.

And don't you idiots realize that attacking Jones just proves his point? Instead of cheering on violence against him, that lunatic should just be trolled. I would tell him I was an unpaid intern for the Illuminati and I had to clean up after the Lizard people and polish UFOs, but they never gave me that job running the FEMA relocation center like I always wanted...and what happened to those, anyway? Wasn't Obama suppose to open them up and put everyone inside?
I noticed that he picked his interviewees carefully for his wake up interviews. Notice he didn't stop one minority or one individual who would stop and push his jaded thoughts back at him. Hmm, he's a piece of work.💩
It's all fun and games until your hateful, racist, misogynist, bat sh*t insane ranting and raving gets you doused in coffee and told to f*ck off. Boo freaking hoo. Anyone who had heard this pig spew his bullsh*t knows that he is not to be taken seriously in any respect other than a truly mentally ill person who should be institutionalized or put down like a sick dog. Enough of coddling these sick f*cks. This toxic waste needs to be cleaned up so the rest of us can go about living our lives in peace.
*has heard
We teach our children to not throw things at one another, hit each other, etc. We teach them this kind of behavior is wrong no matter what another person says. Look at the kind of people we are becoming. :(
Fuck You and your asshole comment #58. I hope you are a right wing troll, and not a real person, but there's as many loonies on the left as the right.
Again Fuck You.
Can someone just put this idiot out of his misery? Or at least involuntarily commit him to a locked ward somewhere? Harborview has a great mental health crisis center...

So again, if someone threw hot coffee in Noam Chomsky's face if he showed up in Alaska, Texas, or Kentucky, you would be okay with that?
@59 Nice to see someone else is being reasonable.
@51 It's mildly funny *if* Jones arranged for it all to happen. See comment 30--the 'assailant' is a performance artist. What are the odds?

@53 Ditto. Nobody has a problem because it's just not credible. But who's cheering?

Why is this a top story?
It's astounding that the Stranger hasn't even bothered to talk with Jake Stratten, our resident goblin and obviously the guy in the tape, and asked him whether he was paid for this or whether it was a chance encounter. Some one else will, of course, but wow, this was the low hanging fruit of scoops. Way to hustle, guys.
What did the coffee do to deserve that?
#53: This, from the guy who thinks it's funny to joke about the Chilean military throwing leftists out of helicopters?

You pretty much forfeited all of your antiviolence cred on that one, buddy.
The Seattle I grew up with was open-minded, accepting, and eclectic. Once a thriving center for counter-cultural values (i.e. Anti-globalism, Anti-War, Anti-Government, Freedom etc.). Now, it seems as if the spirit and soul of Seattle has been colonized by Millenial Techies who are merely regurgitating the same hip Neo-liberal program that has been fed to them by the mainstream media. Hipster Neo-liberalism has co-opted and diluted the essence of true grassroots movements in Seattle and the United States. God bless Jones for not being a sheep.

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