Tech Workers Join Calls For Amazon to Improve Working Conditions for Security Guards


Sometimes chit chatting with the security guards and front desk administrators (all contractors) is the best part of my day. I love working for Amazon but we are a big part of the reason why $15.50/hr isn't a living wage here any more, and should be doing a lot better than no raises for years on end. It's the price the company should pay for being in such a central location (our "urban campus").
I'm confused about how Amazon can provide the workers a fair path to a union. The process for unionizing is defined by federal law, so what does Amazon have to do with it?
#2 Dear God, are you really that stupid? You do know Amazon operates under Federal Law, right? Oh wait, you're being ironic. God I hope you are being ironic. If not, the Nazis won the battle for your head and lLike 63 million Americans, you should never be allowed to vote.
Don't the guards work for SIS? Aren't the paychecks from SIS? Rent-A-Cops want a pay raise for the most part standing around and making their "presence" known. They're making more than minimum wage. cry, Cry, a river.......

They work in a pretty secure building as it is. They can always ask to be transfered if keeping the peace for amazon is too tough for them.
If $15.50 isn't enough, i supose they could find a security gig that pays more. That is what i did when my pay wasn't cutting it.

If they don't make enough to afford Seattle rents, they are free to live elsewhere. That's why i moved out if the city and ride the bus in now.

Why are these basic facts so hard to comprehend?