Seattle Food News: Eating Your Veggies is Getting a Lot Easier, The Triumphant Return of Teriyaki, and More!


Love your stuff, as a fellow Seattle native your insights are great. But a Teriyaki shortage, decline? No doubt, the very real joints (all great) that you listed are no more, but you need to get around a bit more,,,just scanning Yelp for Seattle address teriyaki joints and quit after #300. This is Seattle, the only constant is change. That joint you loved for a zillion years, or the one you loved in your youth, are gone, plowed under, and new joints are there, and so it goes. Venture out of "the core" and try your food critic chops at teriyaki joints in Lake City or Northgate, Greenlake, Mount Baker, Rainier Vista, Interbay, Hillman City, Sand Point, Rainier Beach etc,,,,You got a whole beautiful, wonderful city out there. I mean, I love Capitol Hill and First Hill and Belltown and lower Queen Anne (you can take Queen Anne proper and shove it, though, stuck up lawyers all) but there's more to Seattle,,,,much more, and TONS of Teriyaki joints, dime a dozen dude.
Why does this craft beer need to be kept icy cold, so I can't taste it?

Yeah @1 is right about the creation and destruction of teriyaki. Maybe it's not quite so dominant as it used to be before Thai ramped up, but there's no shortage of teriyaki anywhere I go.
Wait, Nasai never left and is still on the Ave. Outside of Kiku (which left a couple years ago because of that giant box development at 50th and the Ave--it's like the Borg landed), most of the teriyaki places on the Ave are still chugging along, Nasai's, Ichiro's, Teriyaki 1st, University Teriyaki at the end of the Ave that had once been a European bakery, and then for a short time, a European bakery AND a teriyaki place...…

I have a soft spot for Best of Bento; Shout-out to Itadakimasu (across from the Safeway) for having GIANT portions.
@1 I feel ya. I have been removed from the teriyaki game for awhile (it's hard on the insulin dosage), so I was mostly citing Naomi Tomky's article about an overall decline. Probably having 33% fewer places or whatever still leaves us with 3,765,128 places to get your beef and rice on.

@3 Nasai is still open!? I swear I've walked by and seen it closed, but maybe that was just temporary for some of the nonstop Ave construction? If so, I'm gunna go get real nostalgic on some gyoza. Thanks for the heads up!