Herzog is an asshole. People think shit like that is funny, but climbers are just self-involved dolts who risk themselves and risk damaging whatever they are supposed to stay off.

In California, some kids climbed up the Golden Gate Bridge and posted videos. I think the state is going after them for a ton of money. And while this is not a public building, in Britain, some shithead family ignored museum rules and put their kid inside an 800-year old coffin that was behind a barrier. There was a crash, the coffin was damaged, and the family ran out. Fuck them, fuck the climbers, fuck the people who encourage them.
This bridge tender sounds like she's made of porcelain. She threw up after someone climbed the bridge? She'd never get over it if someone died? Damn son, sometimes stupid people gonna stupid. Sometimes they stupid themselves to death. You've gotta get over that shit.
What was my comment on the original story? Oh, yeah! This: "this guy was a dumbass, and The Stranger should not be giving him attention, definitely should not be giving him props, and should not be encouraging dumbass copycats." A retraction is better late than never, but the original was so obviously a bad post that I'm surprised it took an hour's reflection, let alone a week's, to correct it.
@4: Project much?
All this bridgetender sympathy detracts from the far greater near-inconveniencing of multiple drivers that could have happened. We should be thinking about ways to ensure that bridge goes down without a delay every time, no matter what. Can't we have a bridgetender with no feelings at all to put driver convenience at risk? Some kind of automaton?
I crossed the University Bridge around 2:30am one morning with the person I was dating at the time (this was 2007-ish), and we stopped to enjoy the view for a bit. The bridge operator assumed no one was on the bridge (though we had a perfect view of the tower, so if they simply looked outside they would have seen us), and didn't bother to sound the alarm or any warning. Instead, the only warning we got was the bridge raising beneath our feet. We literally sprinted from near the mid-span to the edge (which is a decent distance, and the bridge very quickly became steep) and leapt across a not-insignificant gap. It was terrifying.
I'm pleased to know there's a bridge operator blogger / author.

If somebody jumped in front of my car and got crushed I'd be upset. I don't think that's too unusual.

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