Watching Trump's Phoenix Speech Is Like Watching a Baboon Groom Itself


In other words, just like reading one of your posts?
With hands, a human can only pleasure their kind one at a time
Great now I'm feeling all aroused...
enjoy watching Trump groom his own body
Scratch that
@1 you beat me to it.

Excellent, Charles. As a nation, we are in a Tribal mode, for sure. Plus anything that equates Trump and his tribe with baboons is a step in the right direction.
What can this mean? To..enjoy watching Trump groom his own body?

IDK. Trump, to me, seems like the last gasp of blatant Baby Boomer selfishness. Perhaps he is that generation's worst example, possibly so, but he is by no means far from the herd.
Did you know the Boomers are the most stingy with philanthropic donations to charities, generationally-speaking? Millennials are far more generous.
I love reading your writing !!

Why do you want to drag baboons down to their level?
I thought it was more like watching baboons fling their feces at people.
Fabulous headline, Charles!
We could stare at the fire and not reach to pour the other guy's can of gas on it.

Or we could have ourselves a good long look at the grotesque public discourse on race going on in America, lick our sharp little pencil, and start comparing human beings to baboons.