Do the Defamation Claims Against Kshama Sawant Have a Chance?


Eh. The defamation suits can go away, but Sawant should take her duty as a representative of the citizens of Seattle (and not just of her party or her aggressive 'brand' of politics) a little more seriously.
Easiest way to trumpproof Seattle. Don't fucking vote third party you dumbass
So many cops never fire (or even draw) their weapon, yet Michael Spaulding has shot and killed two people of color. Why does he still have a job?
Unfortunately, being a grandstander who mouths off without facts isn't a crime. She's as bad as the bible thumpers, just on the other side.
Sawant's problem is she has never seen a microphone she didn't want to screech into. Now it's biting her butt.
I'm pretty sure Kshama Sawant killed a couple people a few years ago.
What do you bet she uses the Collective Masses tax money for her defensive?
Recently in the Philippines, cops were videotaped putting a gun into a teenager's hands, telling him to run, and then shooting him. They murdered him in cold blood and it would have been routine except that it was all caught on camera. When the footage surfaced, the chief of police complained about it, saying it made the cops look bad.

There is no difference in attitude among cops. Anything you say against them is viewed as an assault against them. They are heavily armed man-babies.

The so-called "good cops" stand up and support everything the "bad apples" do, when they brutalize, when they murder, when they cover up their actions.
Oh look, a whackdoodle joined the conservative sock puppet screeching weasel fest! You folks are why "don't read the comments" is a common aphorism.