What the Tweet of Trump Eclipsing Obama Means


Paraphrasing the internet's interpretation of this meme: Obama represents the sun which is the source of all light, warmth, and life in our solar system while Trump represents a small cold barren rock with no atmosphere getting a lot of attention for temporarily blocking the warmth and light that is the center of our solar system. Seems about right.
Trump is orange. Obama is black. This metaphor is a failure.
If it were to mean anything, one would have to first ponder whether any tweet means anything or if any meme means anything.
Mango Mussolini has become the media's Zahir.
Can any of us remember the last day that this odious buffoon wasn't in the news?
What the re-tweet tells us is what we already know: if Trump has any agenda at all it is doing the opposite of whatever Obama did.

Clearly Obama should have spent the last months of his presidency taking away health insurance from people, dismantling environmental regulations, instituting mass deportations, cutting taxes, ramping up the police state and starting war with North Korea.
If we fully complete the meme, does that mean we'll get Obama back as soon as the Trump eclipse passes? I can't think of a greater relief!
Nice piece, Charles! Love me some Borges. Spot on.
What @1 said.