More of this will be happening in SLU soon.
More of this will be happening in SLU soon. Seattle Coffee Works

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Cascade Coffee Works Comes to SLU

Seattle Coffee Works has been expanding at a rapid pace, and their latest location will be in Amazonia, Seattle Met reports. They're fresh off the opening of Capitol Coffee Works, their Pike Street outpost, and looking to get even more ambitious with this one.

"The new site will share many similarities with its Capitol Hill sibling, like a minimalist style and Instagram-worthy slow bar, but with more of a focus on food," the Met reports. This means baked goods from Standard Bakery, tacos from Sunrise Tacos, and beer and wine. Also, happy hour, which is their stab at the all-day model.

"Start the morning with a latte and end it with a rosé—it’s okay to camp out all day," says the Met. I've never needed permission, but that's a wonderful sentiment. Owner Sebastian Simsch also tells the Met that, while the shop is in the epicenter of Amazon, he hopes to cater to everyone, including employees of nearby FareStart.

Amen. If there's one thing in Seattle that is absolutely, unfuckwithably for all the people, it's coffee.

The Commonwealth of Belltown

Cory and Amanda Chigbrow, owners of Pintxo and Bar Abajo, are ready to launch their fourth venture, says Eater. It's an ode to Amanda's Kentuckian roots and it's called Commonwealth. Appropriately, it'll have hot chicken and bourbon. Opening day is the 31st.

"The focus here is on flavors of the south, including Kentucky bourbon celebrated through an expansive cocktail list and a signature single-barrel Russell’s Reserve whiskey," Eater writes, "as well as small plates like bourbon-glazed wings, potato salad, and panko-fried hot chicken. A central, circular fireplace makes it all sound downright homey."

Elysian Opens a Taproom in Georgetown

If you thought getting that sweet, dirty AB InBev money would keep Elysian from behaving like a local brewpub, think again! They're opening a beer-only tasting room at their Airport Way location in Georgetown, according to Eater. It's open Thu-Sun 4-10 pm, and they'll be doing beverages only, with food occasionally available from food trucks. The Georgetown location is where they make most of their beer, and most of the beer served there will be from there, but there will also be special brews on tap from their other outposts. Yay for fancy Budweiser!

The Met Grill is Back

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I missed it, but Seattle's storied steakhouse is back in action on 2nd Avenue, as of August 14. The Met closed for renovations over the summer, which is actually a great time for it to be gone when you think about it. It doesn't have a patio, it's mostly underground, and it's the type of food you eat to gird yourself against the cold, rainy Seattle winter. Either way, I'm glad it's back, because downtown doesn't feel like downtown without a place for bankers to order Châteaubriand carved tableside. If they'd been open, Chase's fancy date would have been so lit.

Calabrian Amaro at Bar Cotto

It's kind of a slow news week, so I'm throwing this in to flesh things out: I had some fucking amazing Amaro at Bar Cotto last Friday. It's called Vecchio Amaro del Capo, it's Calabrian, and it's all herby and and earthy and smoky and sweet and I love it. Amaro—an herbal digestif—is Italy's gift to mankind, and Bar Cotto does flights. Three pours for $15 is not a bad deal. Also, happy hour pizza is all $9, it's as big as the normal pizza, and it's proof that Ethan Stowell loves us and wants us to be happy.

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