blegh. so tired of this. bring on the rain I guess.
We need to oust Thug Ericksen R, Ferndale but good. He's the self-appointed Washington State Trump campaign manager--as well as somehow put in charge of state environmental protections. As a fossil fuel industry coddler, his first goal was to eliminate the EPA!
Ericksen helped get Scott Pruitt and others into Trumpzilla's crooked cabinet of climate change deniers. Ericksen is also the main reason for deteriorating air and water quality as well as the increase of uncovered BNSF coal and Bakken crude trains roaring through the Puget Sound region like they own everything in sight.
You think it's bad now, without environmental protections set by the Obama Administration it's going to get a hell of a lot worse until anything gets better. This is no tome to be complacent--that's exactly what the RepubliKKKans want.
Viva la Resistance!

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