Since Megan Barry has already denounced the name "Nashville Statement," they should change it to "Proclamation by the Unfuckables," which sounds way more Biblical and correct.

It makes those jealous uggos KKKuh-razy that other people are getting off while they either can't or have to secretly blow each other in truck stop restrooms, since they're mostly insane closet cases.
Dan: Amen brothuh!

Btw, I wonder if it rankles Tony Perkins that another, famous, Tony Perkins (RIP) was bisexual?
The reason that their position has not yet changed, and will never change, has everything to do with how you get people to believe in something.

You don't do it with facts and figures. Those dont inspire people. You do it with anecdotes and feel-good poetry. And the crazier that shit is, the more inspiring it is (honestly, can you name a singer, songwriter or poet who inspired you with their sanity and level-headedness? Or can you name more who metaphorically opened their wrists and bled on the page after going down a path no sane human ever would?).

Then, after that's done, don't ever change anything. You see politicians do this all the time, who maintain a narrative well after science has destroyed it. They do this because if they *ever* change their minds on anything in public, the public calls them liars, or that they flip flop on their issues.

You're better off raging at a brick wall. It will change faster than these nincompoops.
Once more, a reminder that religion & its many freaky 'gods' are the worst things man has ever created.
As for, “Will the Christian Church continue to get human sexuality wrong…”
They actually get it right, like most other religions: control people’s sexuality, instill fear and guilt, make sure folks come back and pay their dues.
It should be also noted that in addition to women King David also had at least one male lover.
CMD @ 6 - And that Jesus had 12...
I mean, you could stop giving them airtime and just come to/promote queer-loving church. Christ Episcopal Church: looks just like Catholic church, except there's a dyke (me) on the altar! And we love science. And respect individual consciences. And people's reproductive self-determination.
@8. They're too powerful to ignore, sadly.
@9 Yeah, I know. I served a church in Vancouver, WA, for several years, and spent approximately 90% of my time talking people down from this theology. On the other hand, the rest of us grow powerful when we get attention too. We are fucking viral - queer church is everywhere. My wife works for a small radical church organizing with poor people and unhoused people in Gray's Harbor County, and most of their staff is gay. They went to Pride in Hoquiam wearing homemade t-shirts with the epithets thrown at them spraypainted bold: FAG CHURCH PRIDE and SELF-APPOINTED LESBIAN PASTOR. To do that in one of the counties that has been a Democratic stronghold, but flipped for Trump? That matters. Idk, do the rest of us need to pick a city and make a statement? Would we get press?

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