Police Reports Illustrated: Man Walks Dog, Gets Dogged On


She's a cunt!
is shit like this why the SPD doesn't have time to do anything about the open-air shooting gallery at the pike st. express lane ramp?
This is funny but there's a legit issue. Usually the situation is reversed, where its a full grown man yelling at a woman for having their dog in a park. My wife's been screamed at by a guy from a pickup truck for having our dog in a park, another female friend was screamed at and followed home, and a couple weeks ago a grown ass man felt the beed to scream at a young teenage girl for having her dog in the park. Yes in all cases the people were breaking the Seattle dog regulations, but in all cases the parks were empty.

Seattle's dog rules keep parks empty and put women at risk because they give men a reason to feel justified screaming at women just cause the woman is walking her dog in an empty park.
@3 -- what Seattle parks outright ban dogs? Unless the dogs were off leash or were on a playground or playfield there shouldn't have been any issue with their presence.
SMC 18.12.080:

Except as expressly allowed in subsection B hereof, it is unlawful for any person to allow or permit any dog or other pet to run at large in any park, or to permit any dog or other pet with or without a leash, except Seeing Eye or Hearing Ear dogs or dogs used by public law enforcement agencies and under control of a law enforcement officer, to enter any public beach, swimming or wading area, pond, fountain, stream, organized athletics area or designated children's play area.
Her mistake was in not telling the police that the walking stick was actually a golf club. That would have elicited the response she was looking for.

Only if the walking-stick, er - "golf club" wielding dog owner was black...
Seattle Initiative Measure To The People: Let Dogs Shit In All The Playgrounds, Parks, And Tennis Courts.

Write it, file it, sign it. You guys got yourselves a winner. Who wouldn't vote to let dogs be dogs in all the soccer fields and jogging tracks and whatnot? Only like some kind of prissy neat freak. It's just dog shit, people. It's not getting anywhere except on your shoes, you big baby. Just scrape your shoe on some grass and it's all good. Basically.

Also did you guys read that thing about how science says dog shit is good for babies or something? We should be putting it in the wood chips in all the playgrounds. Dog owners are doing you a favor. You privileged, over-entitled parents should be thanking everyone with a dog on a playground. They're GIVING your kids dog shit for FREE and saving them from the asthma or whatever. Ingrates. And PEE too. You get hella pee with that too without even asking.

Come on, guys, we need your signature to put "Let Dogs Shit In All The Playgrounds, Parks, And Tennis Courts" on the ballot.
Just tell the police your dog is a seeing eye dog. As long as the dog isn't provably blind, you should be fine, right?
@3 Hey, asshole, you won. No one enforces the laws forbidding unleashed dogs in parks and on sports fields in Seattle. Or they harrass people with leashed dogs watching a baseball game, while completely ignoring groups of people turning sports fields into dog parks. Evidently, that is what the people of Seattle want. But still, you blatantly break the law and then complain when someone chews you out for it? There are kids and families who won't go in to parks with unleashed dogs in them. I'll bet you are one of those dog owners who challenges those people when they ask you to leash your dog. "not harming anyone" "nice dog" "loves kids" "what's your problem?" I finally gave up when my kid got old enough not be frightened any more. And it wasn't good for my mental health to have to listen to entitled assholes like you challenge me for asking you to be a decent person.

These laws are evidently just in place for selective enforcement against homeless people and minorities. The me of that past time extends a hearty "Fuck you" to the you of today.
@10 hey fuck face, I'm not complaining that someone chews me out. No one has ever chewed me out, but i'm a 200lb man. Shit heads like you seem to only be capable of chewing out 14 year girls, or following home women while yelling at them about their unleashed dog, or my favorite, yelling at them from a pickup truck and then driving away as the woman comes approaches to see what the problem is.

The shit heads that feel the need to scream about the rules don't do it to other men, they do it to smaller women.

Understand why thats fucked up?

And to all the "unleashed dogs are ruining the parks" people, fuck you. Seattle spent 100k to research a report to say it should spend less the 100k a year on dog parks, so the dog parks are packed and need of repair. So yes i'll use the neighborhood parks, which are fucking empty, because I believe it's better to have a used park then an empty park. Got a problem with that? Then come up and tell me, don't wait till its just my wife so yoh can scream at her.
@10 also the times that people actually come to the tiny ass parks to use it to throw a ball around, we move. Too bad there aren't actual rules regulating how the park could be shared, but Seattle isn't interested in it. It would be like saying since evey fucking red light on mercer gets ran, we shouldn't allow driving in Seattle. No one would do that, yet the # of dogs of Seattle is rapidly growing, and the city doesn't want to build new dog parks or figure out how to share other parks, so yeah dog owners ignore the law. And of course some dog owners are assholes, just like theres assholes in any group. But a bunch of use are nice friendly people that will moved if asked. But all the angry men who seem to hate dogs in parks seemed to do is scream at women. Makes me think its not about the dogs, its about toxic masculinity bs
Seriously. What rules could allow "sharing" a sports field or playground with dogs? From 9am to 12am, it's a dog toilet, and for the rest of the afternoon it's for people? You ever think the reason some fields are "underused" is that every morning and every evening the whole neighborhood brings their dog there to take a dump and lift a leg to mark their territory 47 times? Maybe it's less attractive after entitled assholes have fucked it up.

So nice and friendly. #notalldogowners right?
@13 what fields are you going to? In my neighborhood the fields are more filled with crap the neighborhood teens left there. Most dog owners pick up there dog shit, and remember we don't ban cars cause some assholes run red lights, we deal with the people running red lights (well some cities, Seattle also seems ok with all its traffic laws being broken).

Most fields are empty from 7pm, especially once it gets dark and rainy. Other cities have done this, but Seattle doesn't even want to try, cause "progressive" like you don't want to share. You're usually he first one to take a socialist opinion but fuck sharing when it comes to fogs right? I mean the city only has hundreds of thousands of then, why bother.
@11 yup, classic. "Why are you harassing me and my innocent dog when there are people running red lights?" Subtext: "I'm an entitled 200 lb man, and you can't tell whether or not I will go psycho on your ass, so maybe you should stay away til me and my dog are gone."

"Most dog owners pick up there dog shit"

They don't pick up any urine. And a sports field with dog shit on it doesn't become "clean" just because somebody took a plastic bag and collected it. The field has now been used as a poop receptacle. Nobody wants to touch that grass.

Socialism does not mean being a doormat. If we build swimming pools, socialism does not require that your dirty dog or pet goat or whatever gets to swim there. Socialism does not mean we play soccer on fields that have had dog poops scattered around, and then "picked up". And had dog urine sprayed around at random.

This is normal commons sense. Do you know of any community in the country that builds playgrounds and sports fields and invites dogs to relieve themselves there? You think shit-free sports fields are like some kind of uptight Seattle thing? Nobody likes shit on their sports fields. Definitely nobody wants dog urine on their playgrounds. Who wants to let their kids toddle around on a surface that dogs have sprayed pee on? Is that what you think conservatives enjoy? Do you think rural religious folk want urine on their playgrounds? Doesn't matter if you're a socialist or free market capitalist or what. Nobody likes it.

Well, I hear Trump is into watersports. Maybe the MAGA people want the pee for some reason. Go ask them.

Don't believe me? Register a petition to put an initiative on the ballot. I think "Let Dogs Shit In All The Playgrounds, Parks, And Tennis Courts" is the perfect title. It basically writes itself. Try it and see who signs.

Keep in mind that there are a dozen dog parks at your disposal. The people here have gone out of their way to accommodate dog owners along with tennis players and sportsball players and children on playgrounds. You have been given a share of the public goods. You just want to take a piece of everyone else's share too.
@1 Cunt was the first word that popped in my head after reading this nonsense.
On the one hand, no one likes it when I shit on their pillow even though I always pick it up promptly. On the other hand, parks are full of bird shit and squirrel shit that doesn't get picked up at all. Wash your hands, and count your blessings if you have a fully functional immune system.