The Morning News: Amazon Not Killing Retail Industry, Broke Americans Are; August Second-Hottest Month In Seattle's History


The Texas Auto Massacre
Easy for you to say "keep your money", you privileged piece of entitled trash. You don't need any of it.

Any donations help, why should a donation be rejected because of its source? You are a hateful little soulless creep who obviously can't tolerate a world shaped by anything other than your own resentments. I'd say shame on you, but it's well established that you are incapable of feeling any.
Charles, if you prefer the rich to not be philanthropic - then please never complain about their greed again.
@2, Uh, he's saying rich people should just pay their fair share of taxes so the government can adequately and efficiently take care of its people, rather than coordinating efforts through non-profits and calling billionaires heroes for giving away money they don't even need. Just think, if you took a few extra seconds to make sure you understood what you were reading you could have spared yourself the humiliation of raging over a completely missed point.

I'm not sure @2 missed the point entirely, but that's certainly an overreaction.

What's got Charles angry here (and in turn is provoking reaction to that anger) is that philanthropy on the part of the rich interferes with Charles' preferred approach of using whatever drifts down the daily news stream to stoke public fears and resentments in a direction that he believes will promote his ideology.

Personally I'd be quite happy if the rich paid much higher taxes on wealth and high income and made charitable donations to aid the suffering. Charles, however, must present these things as binary choices, because that is what Charles believes will make me resent the rich so much that I will make a revolution for Charles and then hand the reins over to Charles when I'm done.
@5 aw, spare us your drivel already. Noting that charity donations by economic elites are fig leaves for their refusing to adequately fund government has little to do with ideology. It's called fact.
See, it's pretty easy to spot an ideologue, isn't it?
@5 Yes, Charles seems remarkably trusting of public bureaucracies. It never seems to occur to him that private charities can sometimes fill in the gap when government fails. In Delaware the first public school available to African Americans were financed by the gunpowder magnate Pierre Du Pont. At the time the state legislature didn't think black children needed to be educated and allocated no funds for that purpose. Obviously, the availability of public schools to black kids shouldn't depend on the good will of a greedy war profiteer, but neither should it depend on the caprice of a bunch of racist state legislators.

I wouldn't suggest Charles shows much trust any existing public bureaucracy. But he is very certain that a far better social structure can be built once we have finished making a revolution on his behalf and have handed the job of organizing society over to him, or at least to people whose thoughts do not diverge too dangerously from his own correct-thinking.
Are you claiming that the uber rich don't have a long history of using charity donating to cover up their refusal to be taxed fairly? Fucking troll.
@10 was for @7
@9 Maybe he should read that book about those pigs by that Orwell guy.
@12 According to your pal @9, Orwell was a:"far leftist" who went all the way to Spain to beat up on fascists.
@13 Yes, and his experiences in the Spanish Civil War convinced him that authoritarian socialism was just about as bad as Fascism. He wrote about that in Homage to Catalonia.

My goodness, so angry.

I am suggesting that at least some of the rich give some of their riches to charity for reasons that have nothing to do with these "fig leaves" you keep drawing onto them with your crayon.

Some of the rich, after all, don't give a flying fuck whether anyone thinks they're contributing sufficiently to the government's coffers... yet do seem to want to spend some of that cold hard cash helping people in need once in a while. As if they think they're human beings or something, the nerve of them!

I understand your anger, though-- it can be very frustrating when a diverse group of people aren't all doing and saying the things that your ideology demands of them.
I'm willing to bet that no one on this comment thread has donated any money to the relief efforts.

But if you'd like to here's a link:…

There was a time that The Stranger put people before political bullshit but I suppose those days are long gone
@14 The fuck he did. It wasn't authoritarian socialism that he left Catalonia disliking but the propaganda state that was being placed by Stalin. He very much stayed sympathetic to the socialist and anarchist soldiers he fought beside. A large chunk of the book is solely devoted to discussing how the communists pushed out and made illegal the organization's they supposedly came to help.

You never read the book, you POS.
@4. Read the blurb again, slick. Your comprehension skills are remedial.
@16. Speak for yourself, and don't break your shoulder patting yourself on the back so hard.
@15 I am sure some also actually believe in robber baron philanthropy as model of governance but that should hardly be our concern since we can perfectly see the result of their buying government to avoid being taxed. Pointing it out is hardly ideological despite your regurgitating right-wing tropes ad-infinitum.
I like Ike.
The bankers and wall street own most of the wealth and create poverty so the rest of us have to be good at helping each other to survive now.

We need self determination and access to the resources which this system will not allow. People generally do not like to be charity cases and to be dehumanized by government etc. bureaucracy. Capitalism is going down sooner or later because for one it destroys and kills many people and the environment.

(You can’t have capitalism without racism. Malcom X). As well as inequality and the destruction of the human and natural world.