Thanks, Trump.
Westerly winds are from the west. Last I checked Cle Elum is east of Seattle.…
there's also a fire south of the Tolt Resevoir called "Quarry". I saw the plume start on Sunday from my house. it's on this side of the mountains, directly east of Carnation.

this summer fucking sucks.
We so take NOAA for granted--the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association that it seems that few people know that Trump is slashing the budgets on NOAA and FEMA. The weather channel, tornado watches and warnings, severe weather alerts--may be a thing of the past.

NOAA did a nice job of predicting Hurricane Harvey and soon Hurricane Irma which is now the worst--a Category 5 storm.

But HEY who needs weather predictions when we have God and prayer! (sarcastic!) I just spent 10 days at Joint Base San Antonio (Lackland and Randolph AFBs and Fort Sam Houston) we saw thousands of refugees from the Houston area. They have NOTHING. I along with nurses and a few MDs are distributing clothes donated by military families and bought with our own money from Goodwill Stores in the area. Shoes are desperately needed as everyone had rotten moldy shoes we put in HazMat bags to incinerate (closed system). Even cheap flip-flops are better than what they had.
I spoke with a young Mexican couple (DACA!) who had saved $180,000 for a house. Yes they paid cash and closed August 15 as they weren’t sure if they could get a mortgage loan. (Harvey made landfall 10 days later.) The realtor is telling them that the flood insurance “didn’t go through.”--scum! BTW I looked at the updated Jan 2017 flood maps of Houston and their home was in a “< 2% chance of flooding! They have two little ones (1 and 3) and lost EVERYTHING. 14 feet of water over a one story Ranch style home, basement and 2017 SUV. Gone! I’m caring for cuts, bruises, minor fractures, illnesses like pneumonia, heart attacks. Yet we are failing our fellow citizens. Oh I would LOVE to cut them a check for $300,000 and say good luck. And now? DACA reversed? They should be suicidal..but aren’t.

In the meantime we saw Trump on TV handing out a few styrofoam clamshell containers of food to other workers. He says “Hmm good! Can I have one?” I yelled at the TV--“No you fat fuck! You can’t!” He sees 1200 people in a shelter (probably the cleanest, smallest shelter they could find for our Germophobe-in-Chief.) He picked up ONE little black girl and kissed her, then “touched” one small boy’s face.The president said he is seeing “a lot of love” and “a lot of happiness.” Where? He then said “Looks like a fun party” and yelled “Have fun!” and left.

Pussy grabbing eejit!

I was so exhausted that I cried all the way home in coach. But I had a small fixer-upper to come home to that’s dry!

One GOOD thing is that NO ONE at Fort Sam or Lackland had a good thing to say about POTUS. Oh Obama I MISS you and so does America!
Freaky orange moon to go with freaky red sun

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