Rush Limbaugh Blames Hurricane Panic on Climate Change Industrial Complex


There's no surprise here; he's a professional Gaslighter. Slog is supposed to be a Limbaugh-free Zone.
Why are you giving that flaming Nazi gasbag free publicity?
Just how much of the South Florida economy is based on bottled water & batteries? I thought homeowner's insurance was the big item there because of all the hurricanes.
And don't old people just steal batteries anyway?
If the scientific community's official stance was "everything is fine, no climate change to see here!" would deniers sing a different tune? Or, is this less about distrust and more about a fear of regulation?

Oh, this is probably a HUGE deal. After all, when people panic they buy lots of batteries bottled water that probably end up being washed away in the flooding, so they have to go back and buy even more. Ergo, these so-called "hurricanes" are really elaborate scams created by the Battery and Bottled Water Industries to boost sales.
In Limbaugh's defense, he's a total asshole.
he makes it sound like he just blew the lid off the climate change conspiracy when really he just found out that weather forecasts happen and then people buy things
Wake up people the hurricanes themselves are in on it.

The hurricanes are actually destroying shit on purpose because Big Climate Change. And plywood. When the wind rips through a town, shredding the plywood sheets that seal all your windows with the 27 deck screws you used to tack them down over your windows and doors [a totally normal thing to do], who do you think *told* those plywood sheets to shred? I remember when I was 6 plywood was so strong I couldn't bend it with both hands but those days are gone now it's all weak liberal plywood.

They do it on purpose because they're in on it too. Limousine libs scratch that plywood's back. Open your eyes. Those 27 deck screws and the plywood wouldn't even be necessary if fucking backstabbing *window glass* wasn't such a pussy liberal, all playing the victim whenever 90 mph winds blow. Shattering like the snowflake cucks that glass is nowadays. Remember when that didn't happen? I do.

They're all in on it. Hurricanes, wind, plywood, glass. The way I have to pee the second the rising floodwaters have rendered my sewer line all but useless. Why does my pee do this? It revolves around money. Major industries prosper when I have to find someplace to pee and that sets up a one-hand-washes-the-other relationship between Big Pee and Big Toilet and Big Rising Floodwater. Snowflakes all.
Doesn't Limbaugh get his hookers and drugs in the Caribbean?
Let's hope that his listeners heed his advice and ignore all the calls to evacuate.
@10 - I suggest you take up water sports.
@12 - I was going to say the same thing. Seems like a problem that will naturally take care of itself.