"We Won't Be Pushed Back Into the Shadows": Washington's DACA Recipients, Allies Vow to Fight Trump


This isn't quite as bad as say:

The Sedition Act - President Adams
Internment of the Japanese - President Roosevelt

First the DACA is an Executive Order, not a law. Laws are made by the House & Senate when and if they can get their act together.

Secondly, Obama had 8 years to get congress to act....alas, he settled for the DACA Executive order in lieu of real and meaningful legislation.

Third, NOW IS THE TIME for congress to get its act together and pass a real, meaningful and practicable solution to the question of the Dreamers.

Trump has simply put the matter before Congress where it rightfully and properly belongs.

Then again, there's these passengers on the clown car.

Clarification: The link didn't show up: the clown car passengers are 10 State AG's and a couple Governors who threatened to sue to repeal DACA.
DACA is an executive order and can be rescinded by the office that implemented it. It's one of the inherent problems with executive orders.

Had this been legislation there would be a case for the courts to stop Trump or if it was clearly unconstitutional as was the Muslim ban. But this wasn't a law: it was an executive order.
Lieutenant Attorney General? That's a new one. I'm pretty sure Habib is the Lieutenant GOVERNOR, but I'm not a reporter so what do I know?
I don't get what is so hard to understand about Trump deporting illegals who have a criminal record or have been convicted of a crime or spent time in jail. I think it is perfectly reasonable. And that was already going on. They would deport permanent residents convicted of crimes, for crying out loud. Lol. Completely agree with that. Dreamers are not going anywhere.

But of course lefties will complain and protest no matter what Trump does, be it good or bad. Not surprised.
He doesn't need to rescind DACA to do that. DREAMers aren't criminals.
Where was the panic before Obama's executive order?
@ 7 As sad as the situation is....dreamers ARE criminals ( through no fault of their own of course.)
They are in the US illegally. That is a crime. Our immigration laws have been on the books for a very long time.
I know of no other countries in the world that allow illegal immigrants to stay without consequence. (Mexico will jail you and anyone who aided you.) There is no other country that has "open borders" where people can come and go as they please without documentation.
If I were a dreamer, I would've been working pretty damn hard and pretty damn quick to correct my immigration status or citizenship. Especially when I knew Trump was campaigning.
@8....Right? That's what is like to know.
@8....Right? That's what is like to know.