Democracy for America Endorses Cary Moon for Mayor


Endorsing someone who has never accomplished anything in the public arena!
"Corporate" democrats - I trust the party can be gracious and accommodating considering that diversity is their mantra.
#1 you wouldn't support Durkan, either, so why do you care? Nobody far enough to the right to suit you even ran this year.
Photo caption fail: two people are featured in the photo, and two names are mentioned in the caption. But which one is Moon and which Durkan? And if one of the people in the photo is neither Moon nor Durkan, it's an especially bad photo caption.
@4: And a bad photo. Looks like she drinks Rum & Coke. A martini would have been more appropriate.
was this article by Dan Savage, or did he want a byline in the photo caption?
Who better to "take on white supremacy, economic inequality, and corporate power" than a White woman who inherited millions from her family's corporate business interests?

You just can't make up stuff this good.
(Discussion question at end)

The endorsement asserts, and I've heard Cary also state she "will make racial equity a top priority. She will rebalance who has a seat at the table in every public decision-making body, and establish standards that ensure we share power across race, class and gender in city boards, commissions and all departmental leadership positions. She'll work with community leaders to reform our police. Rather than build a new jail for children, she will prioritize restorative justice and alternatives to incarceration."

Racial inequity and intersectionality is the major issue our city - and country - is facing right now, and cannot be uncoupled from the other issues the endorsement lists in Cary's qualifications.

I'd love to have someone speak to why Cary believes she can effectively address this better than a POC?

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