This damage in Mexicali, Mexico came from a 7.2 quake in 2010.
This damage in Mexicali, Mexico came from a 7.2 quake in 2010. Sandy Huffaker/Getty

Mexico's Strongest Earthquake in a Century: The quake hit off the Pacific Coast, near the Guatemalan border, at 11:49 p.m. on Thursday. "The quake caused buildings to sway violently in Mexico’s capital more than 650 miles (1,000 kilometers) away," the Associated Press reports. "As beds banged against walls, people still wearing pajamas fled into the streets, gathering in frightened groups." At least 32 are dead.

Hurricane Irma Expected to Hit Florida Keys on Saturday Night: The islands left in Irma's wake have been devastated. One official told the New York Times that 95 percent of the island of St. Martin was destroyed. Florida governor Rick Scott said every Florida family must prepare to evacuate. The storm is now a Category 4.

And Another Hurricane Will Soon Hit the Caribbean: Hurricane Jose, a Category 3, is expected to hit the same sweep of the Caribbean affected by Irma on Saturday.

In Miami, Some Can''t Afford to Leave: Eugene Johnson, who lives on a fixed income in an affordable housing complex, has two loaves of bread, some tuna, and a flashlight.

What's the Role of Climate Change? "Is this what climate change scientists predicted?" NPR asks. "In a word, yes. Climate scientists such as Michael Mann at Penn State says, 'The science is now fairly clear that climate change will make stronger storms stronger.'"


Wildfire Near Crystal Mountain Ski Resort in Pierce County Has Doubled: The Norse Peak Fire is now the size of Tacoma.

Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos's Space Company Is Pitching Congress on Sending Cargo to the Moon: “It’s time for America to return to the moon, this time to stay,” a Blue Origin representative told the House Subcommittee on Space.

Portland Wants Amazon's Second Headquarters: Currently Intel is Portland's biggest single employer with 19,000 employees, but Amazon has pledged to employ 50,000.

Grandparents Aren't Part of Trump's Travel Ban: Trump's case lost in the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled that grandparents and cousins of relatives in the US should be able to come to the country.

And at Harvard: