ok right on that there's politics and schools, and weed for sale woah? but i beg the question, will it get you high?
"Beg the question" does NOT mean "raise the question!" Even has it right. It means "to assume the conclusion you're asserting without proof."

And a seahorse isn't really a horse. SHEESH!
@ 2 There are ways of educating without being so condescending. SHEESH.
@2 ok boy sorry thanks i didn't know now i do, i get it now, but see a horse beg you know what that's circular, because it's usually it's the other way around so i'm wondering now, if that begs the question, will it get you high? have a beef with gall and wormwood, do the math you still wonder if it'll get you high?
We're number 3! We're number 3!

I am sure Bard would be #1 but they made people stop smoking in the cafeteria.

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