Lake Washington may not look like this again for a while.
Lake Washington may not look like this again for a while. Kelly O

Hello, It Is Officially Cold Now: The National Weather Service says that this summer's record-breaking heat has come to an end. We probably won't get another day in the mid-80's for the rest of the year.

But Bikini Baristas Are Not Deterred: The baristas are suing the city of Everett over their right to wear what they want when they serve coffee. The lawsuit asks officials to define what, exactly, "anal cleft" means, and where pectorals end. Check out excerpts from the lawsuit here.

Seattle Police Disagree with Federal Monitor Over Police Reform: Last week, federal monitor Merrick Bobb submitted a report to US District Judge James Robart saying that while the Seattle Police Department had made progress under its federal consent decree—an agreement to get the city to deal with excessive force and biased policing—it still was not in full compliance. In an e-mail sent to officers, Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole disagreed, attaching a memo with the department's position that it has successfully dealt with its excessive force and biased policing problem.

The City Is Sweeping One of Its Biggest Homeless Encampments This Morning: The city started sweeping the camp on Spokane Street at 8:30 a.m. “They shouldn’t be making people move because they don’t want to look at the area, we have to live this way, we’ve been forced into this, we don’t just choose it,” Aaron La Breche, a man who lives in the Spokane Street encampment, told KOMO.

UW and NASA Scientists Find Link Between Lightning and Shipping Pollution: The scientists, who discovered that lightning patterns fell right on top of shipping routes out of Singapore, say ship pollution is increasing the intensity of thunderstorms.

Tacoma, Like Portland, Is Hungry for Amazon: The city is working on a proposal for Amazon's second headquarters, Geekwire reports.

The City Agreed to a Deal for the Hole in the Ground Across from City Hall: The City Council voted 7-1 to sell the property to Bosa Development, which plans to build a residential high rise, the Seattle Times reports.

Seattle Times Columnist Pits Trees Against People in Purple Prose: "It was as if we were peering into a cage at a shelter, or a cell on death row," Nicole Brodeur writes of her experience looking at a cedar. The tree could be cleared to make a lot with one home into two homes. Brodeur says this happens when "developers swoop in, eager to make the most of what’s permitted on a lot, some in the name of density, others in the name of currency." Lord.

The Virgin Islands, Devastated by Irma, Are in a Humanitarian Crisis: "Residents on St. John, which suffered even greater damage than St. Thomas, estimated that 80 percent of its structures had been extensively damaged, and those who had not evacuated were huddling together in groups of up to 50 in buildings that had no roofs," the New York Times reports. "With many roads impassible, some had to walk for miles to food pantries to pick up ready-to-eat-meals and bottled water dropped by American military helicopters."