Potential Senate Candidate Kid Rock Declares, "I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE!!"


Cocaine's a hell of a drug
I'm only vaguely familiar with Kid Rock as a person, but my first thought was that it was a hoax. Seriously, they're protesting the confederate flag because of Kid Rock?

Then I remembered the awful truth of our time...
Somebody needs to do a DNA test.
This was pretty freaking funny (is it also a bit terrifying? I mean, I remember when Cheeto's campaign first started gaining momentum, I thought that was funny as hell too.)

Fuck it, I still say it's funny. If the world burns at least I'll have gotten a few good chuckles in before we go.
yeah, Donald Trump will NEVER be President,,,oh wait....
Grand Rapids is the World HQ of Amway. Almost everyone there either works for Amway or knows someone who works for Amway
So, if KR doesn't file as a candidate then - what? - this was all just a huge publicity stunt to increase ticket sales for his concert tour?
@6 how does Amway still exist? Do they own all these doofy wrappy/juicy/makeup things everyone's doing now?
Kid Rock, much like Trump, is a blowhard idiot with the reading level of an illiterate. At the same time, he's immensely more qualified and prepared than 95% of democrats.
if he truly loved black people he would take every avenue to enact and live this love, beginning by taking every cosmetic avenue to blend into this beloved community.
@10: taking every cosmetic avenue to blend into this beloved community

You mean black face? I don't think that's a good idea.
@9: "immensely more qualified"? please, explain yourself.

don't be koi (that's a joke from yesterday's slog).
@12 - given the amount of moral turpitude on the left, "qualified" in this instance means having a minimal level of decency and compassion. Seeing as how the left continues to run candidates who score below genital grabbers and racists in terms of human decency, I'd say Kid Rock stands a good chance of winning.
@13, Oh I get it, you're just a boring troll. GTFO.
@11 you are incorrect, it is a very good idea for mr. kid k. rock, a luminously honest way to display his and his polity's true love with regards to that demographic.
I've never wanted to hear the words "fake news" so bad in my life.
Quick question Mr. Rock: The two biggest changes in American society over the last few years are that gay marriage is legal in the entire country, and weed is legal in much of it. How do you stand on both issues, and where does that put you compared to your Republican brethren?

Yeah, I thought so. Fuck off, Republican.

P. S. If you love Black People so much, why are you OK with sending so many of them to jail for bullshit offenses.
@13: thanks for explaining. other than (ex) mayor murray, who the fuck are you talking about?
@18, I was speaking broadly but there are lots of obvious examples of morally corrupt and bankrupt leftists on both the local and national level. Women leftists especially are given a pass on their moral views and behavior, remember this is the party that gave you Hillary Clinton nationally and Nikkita Oliver and Danielle Askini locally. Debbie Stabenow, the woman Kid Rock will be running against, has solicited prostitutes online. The question is why do these women get a pass on their corruption while men would be tarred and feather for similar actions. What it comes down to is that the political left is ideologically and morally bankrupt to the extreme. I hope you get used to supporting shitty politicians who easily lose in general elections. Maybe if the far left learned how to carry a smidgen of human decency they would be able to win an election.
Judging by the picture, he drinks Vernors. No one who drinks Vernors could be a bad man.

Makes a great horse's neck.
I thought Kid Rock hit peak relevance when he dated Pam Anderson but here we are 15 years later still talking about him. I guess making rap music for people who hate everything about rap music will make you relevant forever.
The US seems to have a really strong self-destructive urge right now. Inchoate anger, mass audience for violent spectacle, comic-book caricatures for public statesmen. I'm not sure how we get young folks to value personal dignity and integrity again. Perhaps it is a mirror of the unraveling of the natural world.
@19: here's your quote: " the left continues to run candidates who score below genital grabbers and racists in terms of human decency".

Stabenow's husband was busted in 2008, and she divorced him in 2010. Link me to something that says SHE solicited sex workers that's NOT a RW bullshit smear.

Regardless, if I understand you correctly, your contention is that Clinton, Oliver, Askani, and Stabenow are below Donald Fucking Trump and unnamed racists in "human decency", "moral views", or "moral behavior". You're fucking delusional, old man.

Teddy, I really don't think Kid Rock drinks Vernors. You see, Vernors is a Detroit tradition, so are Coney dogs, which he is also holding.
This picture is designed to make Kid Rock look authentically Michigan.
As a Detroiter, I can tell you there is nothing authentic about Kid Rock, even if he drinks two gallons of Vernors at a day.