Tacoma Elementary School Is Ending Its After-School Satan Club, but Not for the Reason You Think


I am amused.
The Satanic Temple should not be confused with the Church of Satan. While the former derives their ideological views from the CoS, the CoS has no part in organizing anything and pretty much only exists to write asinine essays and collect membership money. The Satanic Temple is an activist organization.
@2 is right, the Church of Satan and the Satanic Temple are two different organizations.
The after-school program was sponsored by the Satanic Temple.

"The Satanic Temple leverages Religious Freedom laws to put After School Clubs in elementary schools nationwide"

Members of the Satanic Temple self-describe as atheist activists. They seem mainly interested in pushing back against religious encroachment in the public sphere.
They have a bit of a presence here in the Detroit area. Every year they sponsor a satanic nativity scene on the capitol grounds in Lansing. It's a form of protest against the nativity scenes sponsored by religious organizations on public property.

The Church of Satan, on the other hand, is basically built around the philosophy of Ayn Rand.
"The Church of Satan isn’t really about worshiping Satan, and even though, ... it doesn't subscribe to any into supernatural beliefs. According to the After-School Satan Clubwebsite: “All After School Satan Clubs are based upon a uniform syllabus that emphasizes a scientific, rationalist, non-superstitious world view…"

So hopefully Stranger writers and posters will stop claiming that others point of view should be rejected (without addressing or engaginging the argument on merit, or lack thereof) because it is religious and their point of view is not. "A scientific, rationalist, non-superstitious world view," is religious. Who knew.
@2 and @3 Thank you, it's been corrected
Actually that was exactly the reason I would have guessed. Satanic after school groups just don't have the fanatical zeal that their Christianist counterparts have.
If you're not familiar with the Satanic Temple by now, it means you haven't been paying any attention to the American educational system for at least the last decade.

@4: Given your demonstrated lack of basic science knowledge and tendency to speak in Intelligent Design strategy, I'm not inclined to trust your intellectual honesty on this topic. Even that statement looks like laying groundwork to justify "teaching the controversy."
@4, I aced every biology, chemistry, and general science classs taken in high school and college. I did not take upper division science in college. Some of the strongest critics of evolution, are stated aethestises or agnostics with advanced degrees from our nation's top scince and engineering programs. They find too much evidence that contradicts what evolution and/or the Big Bang would require.

But you change the subject rather than refute the assertion made by this church (and PhD's of religion who go even farther and state no one lacks a religion ) that these are religious principles.
I like atheism, science, rational thought. I hate the name.
A few things, facts2supportURpoint:

The Satanic Temple is as religious as Pastafarianism, which I'm going to assume you don't know about either.

Being home schooled and graduating from Liberty University is not what I would call education, but that's the level you're operating on. To wit:

Using "@4" means you were replying to yourself just now. That makes me question your grasp of numbers.

Use of "aethestises" and "scince" makes me question your grasp of English. Maybe you were responding on a phone with poor (or disabled) autocorrect, or maybe your typing skill is awful. Hard to say. Either way, it undermines your argument.

No one gives half a shit what an engineer thinks about evolution or the theory of the big bang, they're not experts in those fields. That would be biologists and cosmologists, respectively. Your tired and ignorant opinions on this issue were already demolished by several of us, while you intentionally conflated scientific rigor… and ignored my questions regarding dog breeding, fruit flies, and those lizards on the Mediterranean islands, as each applied to evolution.

Judge Jones in Kitzmiller v. Dover was able to see through ID bullshit for the thinly-veiled Evangelical propaganda that it was. The Discovery Institute were better at hiding it. You're using tactics 15+ years old, and you're not as clever.

@9: It's unfortunate that most people have a knee-jerk aversion to it, yes. Those who don't really read their Bible know Satan as the bad guy, but those that actually read what was on the page know him to also be one who posed reasonable questions in the face of rigid dogma, hence his use as the "mascot."
"intentionally conflated scientific rigor with religion" is what that link should say in full. Sadly, the preview box is not as accurate as I'd hoped.