Once again: collective punishment is a war crime—we literally hanged Nazis after WW2 for doing what these nice Christian boys are accusing Jesus of doing.

Religious Right culture warriors David and Jason Benham published a video Monday in which they claimed “God is speaking” through hurricanes to send a message that America should repent for “breaching the boundaries of God” in regard to gender identity, gay marriage and homosexuality in general. The Benham brothers posted a Facebook video on the anniversary of 9/11, warning that God had been using recent hurricanes to urge America to repent against its advancement of LGBTQ rights.

Like I said about another rightwing religious "leader" when I sat in for Mike Pesca on The Gist...

We executed Nazis after World War 2 for engaging in collective punishment and ordering reprisal killings—rounding up and shooting innocent villagers after resistance fighters staged attacks. Kevin would have us believe that Jesus—the Prince of Peace, the Friend of the Poor, the Lamb of God, etc.—will happily drown little old straight ladies in nursing homes because He’s angry at gay men cavorting in bars on the other side of town. Actually… Swanson would have us believe that Jesus is worse than the Nazis. The Nazis executed innocent villagers to instill terror, of course, but also because villagers were easier to round up than resistance fighters. The Nazis weren’t omniscient. Jesus is. So if the gays are pissing him off, Jesus doesn’t have to drown little old ladies in their attics, as during Katrina, or a van filled with children, as during Harvey. He has the power to send a hurricanes to the French Quarter, and then only to the gay end of the Bourbon Street, or into the mayor’s office in Houston.

But Jesus doesn’t do that, says Swanson. He kills the innocent. So Jesus, according to Swanson, believes in reprisal killings—just like Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, and Saddam Hussein.

David and Jason Benham, like Kevin Swanson, would have us believe their pal Jesus is a moral monster, right up there with Hitler, Stalin, etc. And they're his fans. I don't think I've ever heard an atheist say anything about Jesus that was anywhere near as insulting. Denying his divinity acknowledges his humanity. To accuse Jesus of being Hitler—of being worse than Hitler—strips Jesus of his divinity and his humanity. (Via JoeMyGod.)