What Does the Anarcho-Communist Reddit Community Want With Me


"screenshotted" is particularly inelegant.
Great response, rational and clear. Anyway, imagine that, a journalist who is getting read. Keep it up! And then somebody "threatens" you about it. He or She is just a McCarthy style hack; good for you to not sink in the muddy mire with them.
Its great that your article is being shared, Why is this person so worried about anarcho communists sharing your article? Is he? scared of them or trying to redirect the attention off of the neo nazis which he? could be one.

Anarchist communists do not have leaders and are egalitarian, antiracist, antifascist and are for self determination with a shared economy is an explanation. Being considered a threat to this system they are controversial by the status quo.

I don't understand how someone could both (1) be ignorant enough to think that being linked to is a form of endorsement and (2) ignore every other link in those comments and every other time Slog has been linked to by less-arguably unsavory types. This is a very specific, targeted form of slack-jawed stupidity.

...or it's not what it seems to be. Rich, is this a friend pranking you?
The Washington Post also wrote article about that facebook post. It was definitely a thing that happened and then was written about, that's for sure. It would be a shame if a certain, highly specific yet somehow vague community of people shared this story and then other people found out about it. Reputations are on the line here for reasons that could theoretically exist.
As far as internet Nazis and the alt-white go at least the moron is only trying to slur your "character" though dumb Reddit posts.
Start a puppet account with which to reply to said stranger; "I understand you are in contact with leftist journalist Rich Smith. It would be a shame if your private correspondence were discovered..."
I want to know more about the blackmailer.
It's Russian Hackers, 100%.

I read an article in the New York Times about it and I'm an expert about the Russian Hackers now.
Someone called AryanDeathFist is worried about Anarcho Communists being terrorists! Oh the irony...
@10: Authors cannot control who shares their articles. I read that on Duh!.com. Here's a link.

You are fast and loose with the word terrorist AryanDeathFist when that is exactly what you are.
A liar and a terrorist.
only someone from this city writing for this website would go out of their way to flame a group criticizing anarcho-communism. I don't even know what that term could mean but it doesn't sound like the kind of people you want to be championing and supporting. But, again, this is Seattle where insanity reigns, so I guess the next leftist movement from this city will transcend socialist stupidity for anarchy and communism - sounds about right for these parts.
"I don't even know what that term could mean"

Does this give you even a moment of wondering if your wordpoop concerning a term you didn't understand might make you look silly?
@15, no, I meant that they're 2 completely opposed terms. Any attempt to combine anarchy (no-state) with communism (omnipresent state) is utterly meaningless in practice.
> go out of their way to
> flame a group criticizing
> anarcho-communism

This statement is inaccurate and could only be your take-away if you stopped reading after the headline, maybe the first few sentences of the post. It's okay -- no need to be defensive, certain topics make us all jump the gun, it happens. Just, you know, it's not realistic to expect anyone to care what you think if your opinions are formed with such little care.
@16 Communism is a stateless utopia. Lenin attempted to build communism through socialist state against a state but the soviets never achieve communism. You throw around words you know nothing about like some anarchoteen saying that capitalism is fascism or corporatism is colonialism. While they can have historical tendencies these things have specific definitions and your attempts to destroy a word's meaning makes your argument rather dumb.
@18. It's a stateless utopia...except for the 1000 year vanguard run by the state that historically kills millions of its own citizens almost immediately upon institution. But besides that, totally stateless.

Your specific meanings that have no grounding in reality make your argument seem rather dumb.
As much as I enjoy argumentum ad dictionary and no-true-scotsmanning and genocidal strawmen, you could instead just go read about stuff that anarchists and communists have said to each other and done together over the past couple of centuries.

Or not... I mean it's kind of amusing that the internet argumentariat seem to be missing some very basic pieces of the plot when they start laying into each other like this.
oh missed opportunity here! why not at least see what their demands were before publicly outing them?!?!?! come on!!!
@17 --- nice job.
@21 --- that could have been great.
*munches popcorn*

This is great! Especially muffy and the alt-white guy just literally ripping into everyone, using their own definitions of things. Impossible to counter! And AryanDeathFist, wow. The name alone wins any argument, hands, er, fists down.

Sorry lefties... The mic... it has been, you know, dropped n' shit.
@16, @19 Marxist theory sees the state withering away as humanity learns to operate in a shared economy. Anarcho-Communists believe they can bring this theory into practice in the real world. In time, Anarcho-Communists realize that will never happen, and either become Democratic Socialists working for gradual change, or they realize they need the Vanguard of the Proletariat to achieve their goals, and become Marxist-Leninists.
I sincerely doubt that Anarcho-Communists will change to something else since it is a learning and growing experience and based on community for one and also it is antiauthority. You know- no one is better than anyone else - and promotes human dignity and freedom and much more but will and does fight against fascism. Actually the name doesn’t matter it is the practice. People can call themselves whatever they want. (Actually the part of white nationalists ending is the only good part but we will be all gone anyway). IF this system keeps on. But it can’t keep on it is going to end sooner or later.

Capitalism is destroying our environment and if this keeps up the human race will be destroyed and no more arguing about how to stop it. No more shielding pathetic white nationalists.
Anarchists don’t need this defense.
@25 yeah.