Steak with piquillo peppers, one of Grieses whimsical creations for RN74.
Steak with piquillo peppers, one of Griese's whimsical creations for RN74. RN74 Facebook

RN74 Has a New Chef

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It's Thomas Griese, a veteran of the Michael Mina empire who previously cooked at Bouchon Las Vegas, the French Laundry, Andre’s, Alize, and Le Cirque, before coming to Michael Mina 74 Miami as chef de cuisine. Since then, he's knocked around the company, finding himself most recently in an interim role at RN74 Seattle, taking over for Ben Godwin. Apparently he liked Seattle, the Seattle crew liked him, and now he's gonna stick around for a bit.

"Chef Thomas Griese has been [so] intensely inspired by the quality and availability of local farmers, fisherman, and ranchers that he has reinvigorated the dinner menu with these local ingredients in true French brasserie style," says their publicist, Heather Jensvold. His innovations include escargot a la Bordelaise, a halibut bouillabaisse, and black cod ail noir, among others.

Jupiter Bar is Officially Open

They had a big old grand opening bash last Thursday, and now you can go drink among the pretty murals any time you want. And you should! They've got art, booze, and arcade games. What else is there, really?

It's at 2126 2nd Ave, and they're open 12pm-2am daily.

Everett All in a Tizzy Over Bikini Coffee

The guy who dubbed Everett "Tweakerville" and ran the "Tweaker Cam," a live feed of the odd activity captured by the security cameras around his auto shop, is running for mayor. Somehow, the city thinks that the biggest fish they have to fry is an excess of skin at drive-through coffee stands.

A new ordinance banned bikinis, g-strings, pasties, and other non-attire in "quick serve" establishments. Hilariously, Everett police then went around handing out a sketch of appropriate attire. Hate to say it, but I don't think the guys in the white work trucks are stopping in to see girls in sleeveless t-shirts and sensible shorts.

Regardless, the horny plumbers of the world will be able to continue getting an ogle in with their quad mocha for a couple more weeks, as several bikini baristas are suing the city in federal court, and the city has agreed to cease enforcement until the case is resolved. The whole hullaballoo started because Everett police conducted a complicated sting operation to catch baristas who were giving their customers a bit of a show, resulting in a few indecent exposure charges and a big public flap. If you've ever had the misfortune of living in the type of forlorn industrial neighborhood where bikini coffee is the only coffee, you know that the real crime at those places is the abomination they pass off as an Americano.

Blackboard Bistro Will Become a Thai Joint

The seven-year West Seattle veteran spot had to close when half of the husband and wife team behind it was pulled away to care for aging parents. Now, it'll be reborn as Srivilai Thai, according to the West Seattle Blog. They don't have an online presence, so that's all we know right now.

Oktoberfest is Upon Us

Yes, I know it's September. But Oktoberfest is not in October, it's just confusingly named. Breweries are very excited for this very beer-y holiday, and are throwing plenty of parties. We promise to chronicle them all on our events page. Of immediate note, however, is Queen Anne Beerhall's monthlong celebration, which kicked off last week and runs until October 21. They've snagged two coveted kegs of Paulaner Munchen Wiesn Bier, the traditional Oktoberfest brew that is usually only found in 22oz bottles at Bavarian Meats.

In addition to that lovely copper brew on draught, they're doing a bunch of special menus to celebrate. On September 16-17 and October 14-15 at 5pm, 7pm, and 9pm each day, they're doing whole pig dinners, which feed 15 and feature potato salad sauerkraut, and a stone fruit panzanella salad. Reservations are required if you want the whole hog. On September 30 and October 21, they're doing whole roasted lamb platters: wood-roasted lamb, roasted peppers and tomatoes, cherry mostarda, dumplings. And to literally cap it off, every Friday and Saturday until October 21 will feature a confit hog's head special. Nothing so German as a pig's head with pickled cabbage and mustard.

Altstadt also does a lovely Oktoberfest menu, and theirs kicked off last week. I'm particularly partial to the Steckerlfisch, a whole grilled mackerel with lemon and herbs that came wrapped in The Stranger. Solutions journalism, baby!

Parfait Returns, The Goat Departs, and Bar Harbor Does Brunch

Eater has a smattering of news bites for you, including a bizarre side note about an automated burger flipping robot called "Flippy" that is coming to CaliBurger to steal jobs and punch babies. Or something. Here's a strong candidate for the most eye-roll-inducing quote of 2017, from Caliburger's founder and CEO:

“The kitchen can be entirely automated. We really think of ourselves as a technology company that happens to sell cheeseburgers.”

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Anyway, Parfait has recovered from their August flood and is scooping again as of last Friday. And Wallingford arcade bar The Goat has been living on borrowed time, as their building was condemned before they first stepped in to replace the late Stumbling Goat Bistro, but now time is up. They're out at the end of September, but will seek a new home, according to Eater. Lastly, as of yesterday, Bar Harbor launched brunch. They are, obviously, Patriots fans, so there are drink and oyster specials during New England games. I don't follow football, but I do love eating crab benedicts and watching Tom Brady pout, so this could be incredibly convenient.

Speaking of Convenience

Pizza delivery is already pretty much the ultimate convenience, but Zeek's sees it as more of a penultimate convenience. To really take the 'za delivery business to its absolute zenith of convenience, they're now delivering beer with their pies, the Washington Beer Blog reports. Get your sweatpants ready.

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