State Lawmakers Ask WSU to Stop Recognizing College Republicans Because Club President Rallied in Charlottesville


The slippery slope n' slide. Come on. Everybody is doing it.
If republicans don't care that their standard bearers are white nationalists maybe democrats should just let them own it.
Second thought: they are forcing them to do that by bringing this up for debate.

But with official recognition it gets to do​ stuff on campuses like affirmative action bake sales and other racist and misogynist and homophobic crap. Without recognition it might be harder for them to do.
Greed and hate are the only reasons RepubliKKKans do anything. They're a hate group by definition.
@4, I get that but I think the idea here might be to force republicans to either stand up and say 'free speech!' in defense of a white nationalist who is using the their party to legitimize racism, or to turn their backs on people who (just guessing here, don’t have the facts to back this up but, you know...) make up a sizable share of their base. Republicans will have to choose between being decent and pissing off their voters or owning racism and alienating everyone else.
Hillary lost because of racism.
I get that their hearts are in the right place and all, but this is a dumb letter and a dumb request. The CRs would have a strong 1A case against such a move at a public university, and I'm sure WSU people know this.

Whether it's this or right wing crackpots freaking out over condoms and sex and nudity or whatever, legislators really need to resist the impulse to throw their weight around and meddle in the minutiae of student affairs.
@8: Well said.
Original Andrew @5: Abso-fuckin-lutely! Ever since the GOP 'Southern Strategy' to suck in uneducated, racist, swamp-dwelling white trash, Republicans have stood for, condoned & magnified hate & Wall Street greed. Now Trump has encouraged white trash losers like James Allsup—not to mention Nazis in downtown Seattle—to come out of the woodwork to spew their racist, misogynist & homophobic bile. These tiny-dicked twits richly deserve a mega-dose of karma directed back at their warped personas.
To all the people whining about slippery slope:
If the there was a formal white supremacist group on WSU's campus it would be appropriate to cut off any institutional support. Their very existence as a sanctioned group on campus has a chilling effect to every non-white person (as well as most women, LGBTQ, Jewish people, etc.).
Here we have a situation where a WSU group is nominally not a hate group but active involvement with hate groups and distribution of hate speech were seen as assets, not a liability, reflected in the fact they made James Allsup their leader.
So even if they are self identifying as a hate group, they have effectively become one, and WSU should remove any institutional support the group receives.