Comedy Has a Diversity Problem


1 many male stand up comedians hire just men to write their material?
"committed to filling their writers’ room with women—only women." Equality and Diversity in action. Next it will be White women - ONLY White Women. Because diversity is important. See how easy it is to solve the Diversity problem, you hire only one kind of person.
@1, Comedians usually write their own material but writing staff for comedy TV shows are notoriously male-dominated, so to answer your question it's most of them, or at least the ones who have their own tv show. A handful of producers have pushed back against gender bias in their industry as a whole by making their staff overwhelmingly female and/or not white and this show is one of them. For reference, of the 19 writers for the Late Show, 2 are women and all 19 are white.……
good luck to them.

what is SeSo?
Comedians historically come from privileged backgrounds? Huh?
@1 Just…">last August, there was a female writer who wrote the premiere episode of The Simpson’s who came out and said that she wasn’t hired as a regular writer because the show runner didn’t want women around while he was going through a divorce and that the writers room was a boys club during much of its golden years.
@6 was The Simpsons less successful because of the lack of women writers?
I would like to flip the post title

"Diversity has a Comedy Problem"

That seems more like it.