North Korea May Kill Millions of Americans Very Soon


But will it kill enough?
Have you actually been reading the NYT, Charles, or just waiting to see what pops up on an aggregator's Website? They've been running three or four articles a days on the latest stab at Obamacare repeal.
More than enough will die, just not instantly gratifying enough for the repubs.
I'm sure they'll have a plan B though.
@2: you think that most Americans are reading the NYT?

they're watching the local news, Fox News, or listening to their version of Dori Monson telling them to hate liberals. at best, they hear the national news break at the top of the hour.

NK is where the fear is, and fear sells. ACA repeal is abstract, hard to understand, and its impact isn't felt directly. like Climate Change.

human nature dooms us to distraction by shiny objects.
meanwhile at the manufacturing consent department:

"Outlets That Scolded Sanders Over Deficits Uniformly Silent on $700B Pentagon Handout"

"No write-ups worrying about the cost increase in the Washington Post or Vox or NPR. No op-eds expressing concern for “deficits” in the New York Times, Boston Globe or US News. No news segments on Fox News or CNN on the “unaffordable” increase in government spending. "All the outlets that spent considerable column inches and airtime stressing over Sanders’ social programs are suddenly indifferent to “how we will afford” this latest military giveaway. The US government votes 89–9 to add $81 billion extra to the balance sheet—the equivalent of the government creating three new Justice Departments, four more NASAs, seven Treasury Departments, ten EPAs or 546 National Endowments for the the Arts—and there’s zero discussion as to “how we will pay for it.”
@4: Its reported that profits at NYT and WaPo and local papers are way up since Trump took office.
Typical of mainstream news to sideline or ignore the key domestic issues facing Americans w stories about other places instead. It's part of their shame and control game for the corporate interests. The main thing people need to *get* too - is that it's not enough to "stop Graham-Cassidy." They will keep pulling these stunts unless we topple "the cartels" - i.e. the insurance "industry" (not a legitimate industry). People have to face the realities of this situation - - it's either the mobsters or us. Wake up. We need Medicare for All and NOW. (The biggest joke of this charade is that, now they're telling us members of the insurance sector are opposing it. Meanwhile, did you see how their stocks flew up - and tell me that certain key and very wealthy DP politicians *aren't* making money off of this)