United States Education Secretary, billionaire, and charter school proponent Betsy DeVos will be in Bellevue next month, appropriately on Friday, October 13. She is slotted to appear at a fundraising dinner for the Washington Policy Center, a think tank, at Bellevue's Hyatt Recency Hotel. Tickets to the event cost a mere $375 a pop.

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Indivisible Washington's 8th District and Equity in Education Coalition are already gearing up to protest the Trump crony's visit.

"As communities, we MUST keep our education systems open and available to EACH AND EVERY child!" representatives with Equity in Education Coalition wrote. "OUR COMMUNITIES are the stakeholders of our public educational system — NOT corporations, NOT billionaires and NOT private voucher systems!"

Most recently, DeVos has worked to upend Obama-era Title IX protections to better protect those accused of campus sexual assault. The Department of Education head is also a noted conversion therapy advocate for LGBTQ people.