Dr. Oz says: Medical Marijuana... it may be the exit drug to get us out of the narcotic epidemic.
Dr. Oz says: "Medical Marijuana... it may be the exit drug to get us out of the narcotic epidemic." MATTHEW EISMAN VIA GETTY IMAGES

Sessions is saying dumb things about weed again, but what else is new? California may face a “marijuana conundrum” with the black market once weed goes legal there, Dr. Oz thinks medical weed can help opioid addicts (and says so, on Fox), and maybe, finally, we can haz home grows here in Washington state, pretty please?

California Starts Recreational Sales In 2018

The state is now issuing temporary licenses to prospective cannabis business to get the process rolling, even though the massive black market for weed there might prove worthy competition. In any case, California’s also taking on the marijuana issue nationally too – they released a joint (heh, heh) resolution last week asking the federal government to take marijuana off the list of Schedule 1 drugs.

Dr. Oz Schools ‘Fox & Friends’ on Medical Pot

When Dr. Oz was invited to come on to the TV show ‘Fox & Friends’, for a while it seemed like exactly the kind of conversation you’d expect to hear on Fox: Oz and host Steve Doocy complaining about the "continuous barrage of criticism" that poor Ivanka and her dad have to suffer at the hands of the public. But then, when the topic turned towards the opioid epidemic, Dr. Oz wanted to talk about the ‘real story’ – “the hypocrisy around medical marijuana,” and marijuana’s potential as an exit drug in opioid addiction-fighting strategies. Doocy reacts with some nervous hand-wringing and says only, “Wow.”

#CannabisSoWhite Has a Chance to Change

NPR’s Code Switch podcast has a story about what it’s like trying to start a cannabis business as a woman and a person of color – without the easy access to privilege and money that comes with being white (unsuprizing spoiler – it’s not easy). Despite the depressing odds, women of color are making their own spaces for education and community (check out Supernova Women and The High Ends) in the weed-biz world. And earlier this week, a panel of minority business leaders in cannabis discussed the opportunities for people of color within this nascent industry.

Will We FINALLY Be Able to Have Home Grows in Washington State?

As Katie Herzog points out, Washington State is the only state where weed is legal that doesn’t allow home grows - but the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) is currently seeking comments from the public on “the future of home grows” in the state and will hold a hearing about it on October 4.

Well, This Sounds Dangerous

The Makah Tribal Police Department in Washington reported finding fentanyl-laced marijuana during a recent arrest. Fentanyl is the highly addictive, highly deadly opioid pain medication that has been ravaging the country in OD’s since last fall. It should be noted that other agencies like the regional DEA have not seen any confirmed reports of fentanyl-laced marijuana yet. The Makah Tribal Police Department say they will be retesting the substance at Washington State Patrol Crime Lab.

Hi-Tunes Coming to A Joint Near You

A new Washington-state based music distribution service has come up with a clever idea: helping artists get their own ‘branded cannabis’ products, by packaging joints that come with QR codes (people still use those??) for free music downloads. Says co-founder Scott McKinley:

“Music used to sell sheet music, then records and record players, tapes and tape players, CDs and CD players, MP3 players – and now music has nothing to sell,” McKinley said in the report. “We intend to change that by matching music with marijuana. Smoke this, listen to that. It’s a beautiful concept.”

“How Can A Plant Make You Hungry?”

This and other adorable questions from kids as parents explain to them why they smoke weed from The Cut's latest. The little blond girl at 2:36 is just not having it, nope, not one bit.