Seahawks Lose Football Game On Weekend Where Football’s Importance Exists Outside The Realm Of Game Itself


The maddening thing about right wing P.C. rules is you never know what's going to trigger them. People can violate 4 U.S. Code § 8 - 'Respect for flag' in a dozen different ways and that's cool. Sew flag on to the back of you pants, have flag napkins at your picnic, put flags all over your advertising. No problem. But then during the National Anthem they get triggered by any little thing. It all has to be just so. Sit down, don't sit down. Take a knee instead, no don't take a knee. Don't show up at all. Link arms, don't link arms.

It's like you have to do what they want *exactly fucking right* or they feel victimized. The same people who let you blow your nose in a flag hanky are suddenly all fussy about the rules of patriotism.

I can only compare it to the 'War on Christmas'. They bitched and moaned for years that Christmas was too commercial and wasn't Jesusy enough. Next thing you know it's not politically correct to skip having a mall Santa! And Starbucks cups -- they're red! For Christmas.

Waaa waaaa waaa! I'm offended by those red cups! Daddy, daddy, go make the bad coffee shop stop having red cups or I'll SCREAM! WAAAAAA!

Can you imagine trying to explain to a child why red Christmas coffee cups are offensive? How are you supposed to live with people so sensitive?

Thin-skinned conservative P.C. snowflakes are never happy no matter what you do. Why even try?
One small point:
president’s terrible comments (which condemned the protests without understanding them),
With all due respect, I think you're giving Trumpf too little credit here. He didn't misunderstand the players' use of their free speech to highlight police brutality, he intentionally made it about "patriotism" to deflect & avoid the core issue (systemic injustice), and cast aspersions upon players standing up (or rather kneeling) for equality, justice, & free speech. It was a conscious choice to do that.

His intentionally divisive comments, many of which overstep his role as "president", seem oriented towards dividing Americans against each other. This classic move is working perfectly on our population, pitting fans against players, and entrenching whites against blacks and all other POC.

"United we stand, divided we fall". Trumpf's divisiveness is heralding our fall as a nation. He could work to unite us, but he clearly does not wish to do that. We can assume the opposite, that he wants us divided and fighting each other.

The next question is Why?
Debates over symbolism are inherently unresolvable whenever a confluence of issues are at play that being perceived subjectively.

They should just skip the anthem at this point and play ball!
You know, Canada changes the words of its National Anthems every few years.

We could do the same.
@1 - Exactly. Why even try.

Doing the right thing is rarely popular.
Jimmy Graham didn't suck. That was nice.
This characterization of the ubiquitous Amazon Lion Dog commercial may be the first time I’ve disagreed with a Spike Recap.
It is not really a question if WIlson can "handle the pressure." so much as it is the fact that the pathetic ability and effort of the O line makes it so no QB behind them can even go through their progressions, or look downfield.

When Wilson hits the final step of his drop, he has to check the pass pressure rather than looking downfield. In a functional WCO, the ball should be coming out when the QB hits that last step, but Wilson has to start scrambling. As long as the O line is so bad, the offense will never be consistent, and will be terrible more often than not.

@1: People whine about a lot of stupid things on the internet. Including whining about other people whining. The good news it that none of the whining actually matters, although people love to pretend that it does.
The offensive line offends me.
Richard Sherman got away with murder
@10: No, that was Ray Lewis.
I'm pretty sure the President of the United States trying to get you fired counts as a little more than "whining on the internet". The President has tweeted about sportsball opening formalities 20+ times in the last 5 days. While 3 1/2 million Americans have no electricity. And North Korea is threatening to launch ICBMs at us. This is not "whining on the internet".

Trump's loyal supporters are thrilled that he has decided to focus on their ignorant notions of patriotic political correctness. When they're not ignoring foreign crises and national disasters, they're showing up at universities with their hands out, begging for an auditorium and frees security for one of their multimillionaire media stars to give a speech.

These assholes are the P.C. Police. Call them on it every time.