County Executive Dow Constantine, Transit Advocacy Group Endorse Jenny Durkan


Disappointing. Do we have any examples of how she supports public transit?
It's amazing how much it bothers Heidi that anyone could ever endorse or vote for a candidate she doesn't like.

Suck it up, Groover.
Dow has no love for Jenny Durkan, or any Durkan. Jenny's brother Jamie and sister Ryan, then both working for the multinational land raper Glacier Northwest, filed bogus ethics charges against Dow, then on the County Council, and Sharon Nelson, now Senate Democratic Leader, who was Dow's chief of staff, over their opposition to the Glacier gravel mine on Maury Island. Those charges were quashed because they had no merit, but Dow remembers.

If he has endorsed Durkan now, it is only under pressure to endorse somebody, and only because Moon is so abysmally unqualified to be mayor of a city this size.
Our local political establishment sticks together. They'll throw progressives some bones every now and then, but they don't like outsiders muscling in on their turf. Durkan has kissed the correct rings. Moon has not.
Dow is just chasing the big money behind Durkan. The establishment loves the establishment. Vote Moon.
Are those subway tokens in the jars? Inquiring minds want to know.
dow constantine. what if she's called jenny dworkin then nobody will vote for her.