This Web Service Banned The Daily Stormer. Why Won't It Drop Another Neo-Nazi Recruitment Forum?


Shut it down period. No tolerance for these promoters of mass murder.
@1: I would guess some Twitter execs would love to delete Trump's account, but they have to treat his account like everyone else's. There has to be a "terms-of-service" reason.
@3 stop talking out of your ass.
Why give credence to IronMarch by providing a link to it?
Actually that's a pretty clever retort @5.
Okay, two sense of humor points to raindrop.
@3 thretening violence is a violation of the tos, and he has done so on several occasions, and accounts are banned for unknown reasons; tos-es are always arbitrary, twitter is no exception, it's how power works.
I hate these dickless Nazis just as much as anyone else, but I do have to ask: as awful as those inbred bigots at "daily stormer" and the rest of them are, what about the other side?

Why oh why is this piece of shit website allowed to run, and NO ONE says shit?

Why is a place where communists gather and OPENLY talk about violence okay, but a place where fascists do the same thing banned? DON'T GET ME WRONG, if a company wants to trash Nazi content, GOOD ON THEM, but why does commie shit get a pass when it's just as violent?
And before I hear the "but muh left isn't violent!" argument, allow me to remind you of this:…

So should we just wait for a far-leftist to kill someone before they finally take them seriously? (too late for that as well:… )
Article seems to be trying to sell the point that Cloudflare is allowed to drop shitty users. I'm sure Cloudflare knows that and they are also allowed not to, so let's go straight to whether people are interested in yelling at them or boycotting them.

This may be obvious to everyone? but Cloudflare sells CDN, DNS, and DDoS blocking services, the point of those acronyms being they and their customers think of them as facilitating movement of arbitrary bits, not providing content. They have a business reason not to care what the bits are, to preserve the simplicity of that product as much as they can.

Which always has limits -- guessing they already enforce against child pornography -- but I can see where they'd be coming from if we're talking business reasons.
@10 "what about" let's stop right there. You don't like whatabouting when other people do it, right?

Comment system needs a fucking artificial intelligence whataboutism detector.
yeah, it's "whataboutism" in "whatabout" THE FUCKING PRINCIPLES!
That's the issue here: principles.

If it's wrong for someone to run around dressed like a Nazi encouraging violence in the form of a "race war", then it is also wrong for someone to wear a hammer and sickle and encourage violence in the name of a "communist revolution."

I have no problem with people advocating for consistency.

I love how having principles is now seen as a bad thing by both the far left and the far right.
The Daily Stroumpher (teehee) is currently residing at an Icelandic .is address.
However, Iceland is discussing what to do about it.
@1 - I secretly hope that Twitter stands ready to delete Toupee Fiasco's personal account due to TOS violations (multiple!) as soon as he is removed from office. Kinda pointless to do it now while he still has the bully(!) pulpit. ...but once he's out of power, far more effective.
"outside of neonazi strawmen and a few streetside crackpots, nobody's really running around "wearing" hammers and sickles and advocating for communist revolutions."

Would you like ketchup with those words?

And if you bothered to read the links, you'd see that indeed there are plenty of violent Marxists in America.

" Meanwhile you nazis have one of your own in the WH."

So, I have a profile pic of an anarchist and abolitionist leader, and I start by saying I hate Nazis...and that makes me "a Nazi"? okay. I am sure in some parallel universe somewhere, that may make sense.

Where did I say or indicate in anyway that I had any love of that orange fascist twit in the oval office?

I just love how the far-left has no hold on reality what so ever. You people are just as bad as Trumpists.
@13 you ARE far right, dipshit.
Is this a contest for logical fallacies or something?

Let's see so far we have "Whataboutisms," False Equivalencies, Strawmen, and Tu quoque fallacies... do we get bingo when you go for an Appeal to the Authority?
@13, the Nazis want to commit violence against people because of what they are. The leftists want to commit violence against people because of what they do.

It makes a difference.
So, because I'm anti-war, anti-Trump, anti-racism, pro-immigration, pro-choice, and pro-gay marriage...I am somehow "far right"?

So basically "far right" is anyone who doesn't like communism?
That's basically an ad lapidem fallacy:…

Again, if a webmaster should ban Nazis because they promote violence, a webmaster should also ban commies because they too promote violence. That is a 100% moral equivalency.
And "what they do" includes, historically, practicing a religion in private and making a profit.

And also, far-leftists tried to kill people for the "crime" of driving over a bridge. Source:…
@19: Feeling upstaged I see.
How stupid are you lemmings? "Durr, somebody died after a man in a car had his windshield smashed. The driver backed up and some woman had a heart attack. That is why we, the public, must attack a website that did not provoke the group of people to attack a car (because the people who attacked the car were leftist.

But at least you have your casus belli
@26 - o_O ...what are you even talking about?
@9: Crass hyperbole, lies, childish nicknames, don't rise to threatening violence. In addition it is reasonable to assume that Twitter would not want to entangle in the litigation with the White House surely to result if the company axed the president's account.
@collectivism sucks. Lil smoky (@19) is a child. As are most of the people who echo his sentiments. They believe dialogue is oppression because they can't defend their thoughts ( everybody is a racist nazi except me is the jist of it). Ignore their posts, starve the trolls. What's really backwards is the bigoted tone that he accuses raindrop of "having dick in his mouth". Like that's a bad thing to anyone but a homophobe. Real progressive there lil smoky.