The Worst Bus Stop in America Is in Seattle (And Other Nerdy Bus News)


the way the times were, you had to figure out what the meant, now, you have to figure it out again. it's pretty cool anyways. irregardless, i agree- based scheduling, who needs it? stop based scheduling, stop it!
I don't know, I think that bus stop is kind of beautiful in a quintessentially-American-West kind of way.
Irregardless is not a word.
@3 irregardless, are you for or against based scheduling? i feel like understanding how it gets parsed and phrased means its pretty but it's also pretty needed, not!
In case anyone wants to check it out,it is on the #154 route to Tukwila station! I wouldn't count it as completely has Katsu burger and a hotel nearby and a rubber manufacturing plant...
You should talk to me,i know some REALLY SHITTY fucking bad routes NO ONE uses...this isn't as bad as some I've been on! Try the island or Whatacom transit or fucking Monroe/gold bar bus on community transit that only runs twice a day or the shit pierce transit ones south or even TWIN TRANSIT...or the fucking bad ones up in Bellingham...those make seattle seem like tokyo in comparison!
For reference, the approximate address of the bus stop mentioned here is 6715 E Marginal Way S, between 4th Ave S & Corson Ave S.
This bus stop is in an industrial area and it isn't even that bad. There are worse bus stops even in Seattle. I agree that it's beautiful in an industrial way. Also...the "no ridership/almost no ridership" thing isn't even
Plus it's right by hella good restaurants and bars. Freaking pussies lmao.