Trump Blames Puerto Ricans for the Disaster


The answer should be more obvious to Lord Dampnut than anyone else. Simply declare bankruptcy and tell your creditors to fuck off. He's done it countless times so should clearly support them in doing so as well.
"I'd like to help you, but you don't deserve it."
As one of the many Puerto Rican's in Seattle, thank you very much for bringing this issue to light with your readers. If by any chance the readers of this publication would like to donate to relief efforts please do your research before doing so. A lot of the fundraising is being run by the banks that caused this in the first place. Put relief in the hands of the people, not the banks!
What @1 said. And go after the $44 Million that Comrade Trump owes Puerto Rico.

*donates to PR relief fund*
I heard Trump on the radio this morning, helpfully informing us that Puerto Rico is an island on a very big ocean, and that this was quite a storm

He really is a true conservative: Not bright, and always blaming anyone else for his problems (Although in this case he is doing it on behalf of the entire country)

I also find his descriptions of PR's electrical grid to be hopelessly moronic. It wasn't "built" forty years ago, and untouched since then. Electric grids are constantly changing. It is the victim of deferred maintenance.

Just make Puerto Rico the 51st state and then have Congress assume their debt. Republicans will never do that, because they are horrible people, but it's the easiest solution.
@We need 52 to have the stars align nicely on the flag. I suggest the Virgin Islands as well.
I wonder if PR could join Cuba. It's not like Cuba is rolling in cash though.
@8: I guess that's a joke, but I don't think I understand it.
Tens of thousands of Texans and Floridians will be surprised to hear they're doing "great."
Cherry picking the corn out a shit sandwich to nibble on, Mr Krugman?

And don't forget the Jones Act... That ain't helping. The Golden Mullet or Homeland der FĂĽhrer Security or the Defense Dept could waive this 100-year old antique. But they won't.
@7 Naw, add DC.

I have never once had the feeling that trump cares about anyone else but himself. That is something that is reflected in his supporters. They obviously don't care about anyone but them, and trump gives justification for their selfishness.
After helping Puerto Rico, let's fix our electoral grid on the mainland.
Yep, what @1 said. If Trump complains, he can go fuck himself. Actually he can go do that anyway.

Don't forget to grab 'em by the pussy on the way out too.
@7: nah, it'd look fine with 51 stars.…
Remember when Mudede blamed austerity for Mike Brown getting shot:

"The thing about the Ferguson incident that might need more of our attention is that the officer stopped Michael Brown not because of the robbery at the convenience store but because he was jaywalking. What this brings to light is what police work is really about in this and other municipalities—generating revenue from tickets. The cops are really not there to find crooks but to find violations. This is how they get paid."

The kind of shit this motherfucker says ...
@6: Trump is non-idealogical. For an example of a true conservative look no further than the late SCOTUS Judge Scalia who voted with the majority in Texas v. Johnson, that invalidated prohibitions on desecrating the American flag. The correct and pure conservative take on the matter.

Trump, it seems, would have advocated the opposite.
If Trump had his way, Puerto Ricans would be sent back to their own country...oh, wait...
Maybe one of the anti-trump 'stars' (like Cuban, Howard, Clooney, Oprah) take one of their jets or helicopters down to PR with food, water medicine etc and make a great visual statement against the Great Pumpkin?
2CV dear, it's almost as if they read Slog......…
@21 that's great. I hope one of Them lands while DJ T is stumbling around on the island, if he actually follows through on visiting it. You're doing a heckuva job, Orangey!