Why, hello there, Steven Spielberg!
Why, hello there, Steven Spielberg! BRANDON PATOC

Steven Spielberg Stopped by the Seattle Symphony Last Night: And it sounds like it was rad.

This Is Your Last Chance to See a Warehouse Filled with Graffiti Art in Beacon Hill: Dozer Art has put on a massive show—75 artists who have created 103 murals that will be demolished along with the whole building—to make way for new apartments in 2018.

The closing show for Dozers Warehouse is this Saturday. Photo includes work by CREWL and Izzy.
The closing show for Dozer's Warehouse is this Saturday. Photo includes work by CREWL and Izzy. AC

And Also the Last Weekend to Take in This Installation at the Olympic Sculpture Park: Latent Home Zero is a site-specific temporary installation by Tacoma-based artist and recent Neddy Award-winner Christopher Paul Jordan. “Equal parts historian and visionary, Jordan uses the overlapping histories of land use, urban planning, and displacement in Tacoma as a microcosm to address the whole history of black migration across the United States,” says arts writer Emily Pothast.

Get That Money: Applications for the $25,000 no-strings-attached Arts Innovator Awards are now open. According to Artist Trust, the award is given “annually to two Washington State artists of any discipline… who demonstrate innovation in their art practice.” Do you write books? Create theater? Paint stuff on other stuff? Then apply.

Go Celebrate the Old Hugo House Tonight: One of the founders of Hugo House, Frances McCue, is launching her new book about life and death in the old green erstwhile funeral home that used to sulk majestically on 11th Ave. It’s a collection of poetry from Chin Music Press called Timber Curtain, and it’s bound to be steeped in bittersweet nostalgia. But just to be clear: party is at the interim Hugo House on First Hill.

Olympia-Based Group CCFX Signs Hot Record Deal: The new group CCFX (Mary Jane Dunphe, Chris McDonnell, and David Jacques) are the first act out of Olympia to get a deal with New York’s prestigious DFA Records, home to LCD Soundsystem, the Juan Maclean, Black Dice, and other notables. CCFX’s self-titled, four-track debut EP, out October 20, “purveys danceable pop of unusual emotional depth and textural richness,” says Stranger music critic Dave Segal. “The songs, he adds, “are vibrant and accessible yet redolent of undercurrents of Cure-like melancholy. CCFX’s music makes you wonder if black can be DayGlo™.”

Grunge Doc Lived Up to the Hype!: Sean Nelson, who was in Seattle in the '90s and lived to tell the tale, had feelings about it, and you can read them here.