OK, OK, I Admit It, I Watched Will & Grace Last Night


Oh Christopher, sometimes your hyperbole goes too far. There were bathhouses, there were parks, there were the personal ads in the backs of newspapers (including the Stranger), there were drag shows, there were discos, there were demonstrations, there were midnight showings of Rocky Horror Picture Show, and there were parades. So many ways that the gays met before Grindr.
Sitcoms blended with current politics are sophomorically amusing at best as they tear away at the create suspension of belief and ability of the audience identifying with the characters. I think savvier directors and producers have stayed away from it.
they need to reboot dear john not w&g. we need children watching a pathetic man who's given up on life slump in a room of stereotypes not an anti-president screed where people chase after their 20s. who is thinking od the children?
This wasn’t even an anti-Trump plot. The whole plot was that liberals have performative politics and are willing to go against them for Alex or money. Will hates Trump and this senator, but is willing to go on a date with the guy. Grace hates Trump, but works with a proud Republican and is willing to sell out to redecorate Trump’s Oval Office. The bitchy little jabs pale in comparison to the idea that these two liberal nitwits are willing to shirk their professed morals as long as nobody catches them doing it. It’s also a soft sell for Trump and his politics by saying “if these two can support The Donald because somebody is sexy or has money, why can’t you?” It also tells me a lot about Debra Messing’s politics that she can justify being in this garbage while being a rabid Clinton supporter and anti-Sanders troll.

This was possibly one of the most disturbed episodes of television that I’ve seen since Dexter.
@4 maybe it's a set-up for a dystopian world where they make increasingly compromising choices, ending with will sending jack to the gulags to meet quotas, grace selling out will to satisfy some guy she's sleeping with, then karen has grace killed for ruining her chance at revenge on will for what he did to jack, then she gets sick and the only doctor left is grace's former msf doc beau who prolongs her suffering to sate his grief?
Even with Trump jokes galore, it wasn't edgy or unpredictable or lifelike, and it wasn't all that funny.

Especially with Trump jokes galore, it failed to be funny. I have a constant flood of anti-Trump material flowing at me regularly over pretty much every medium imaginable. Comedians like John Oliver can get away with it because they focus on policy, which is important. But all the "Trump is awful hur dur hur" stuff is just so abysmally disappointing and hasn't been funny pretty much since the election.

And you're quite right: the writing was far less clever than I expected. The jokes largely fell flat (although I liked the secret service agent). Maybe it's because TV has advanced since the show was cancelled. Maybe it's because this was kind of caught in a pilot/not pilot weird space. Maybe it's because the show was so overtly political in an unintelligent way.

I'll check it out again to see if things settle down a bit, but if they stay on their current track I can't see the show doing well.