UPDATE: ICE Arrested One Person, Not 33, in Seattle


Man that linked huffpo article was a giant jerk off session. The word illegal immigrant works just fine for 100% of the people who entered this country illegally.
@1: You went to Huffpo expecting anything other than a giant jerk off session?
11,700,000 illegal immigrants/500 arrested per raid = just 23,400 raids to go, and then Merica will be Great Again.

23,400/365 = 64 years of 500/day raids, in case you're trying to nail down that #MAGA year, that's 2081.

Anyone run the estimates of how much these raids decrease violent crime (by getting future criminals) versus increase violent crime (by telling people they can't talk to the cops)?
A long list of terms identifying people by the US laws they've broken followed by a pearl clutching "notice they used the term ALIEN to hurt their feelings?".

That about sums up the debate these days. One side lined with red eyes and wet hankies screaming about racism and the other side asking "why are we racist for wanting to get rid of criminals??? Oh yeah, you're idiots".
Focusing raids on sanctuary cities smacks of collective punishment, which is an internationally recognized whaddyacallit ... a crime against humanity.
2 tall ice cold glasses of coke and a large meat eaters pizza from godfathers ought to calm most folks down about this 'get out of my frickin country thing'...too many caffeinated whackos not getting enough saturated fats in their diet, become anxiety ridden nervous nellies!
yeez...back in the day before starbucks and dollar energy drinks we shared steak dinners and mashed potatoes and gravy with our friends and neighbors after work and never gave a rats ball hair about their 'immigration status'.
Eat some melty cheese and a big sloppy burger and take a chill. My mother of mercy! 18 and a half people in line at my grocer's starbucks at 7:30pm last night!!!! caffeine!!!!! argh!!!!!! get them away from me!!!!! my country is infested!!!!! GET ME 3 MORE REDBULLS AND AN EMPTY STOMACH WILL YA???!!! HURRRY
1. can you give me an estimate of how many "Aliens" will need to be arrested, incarcerated, and deported at taxpayer expense before "a good number" of the remainder self-deport?
2. what is that "good number"?
There's only 5.2 million native americans living in this country by current estimates. That leaves around 320 million illegal aliens by my count. David in Shoreline and Muffy, where are you headed? Better question, where will have you?
@10. My time machine is in the shop right now or I'd TOTALLY go back to when settlers came, violated native laws by illegally immigrating here and...

Shut up. Grown folks are talking.
@12 So no where once a low-skilled ignorant whiner like you? I understand.
@13. I like that you think your imaginary question deserves a hypothetical answer. It shows that you have no grasp on reality and are actually the epitome of an ideological, brainwashed imbecile.

@11 Let me guess...it's about racism. It's always gonna be about racism with you every time. I get it. You're racist and can think of nothing else. You should really get counseling for that, it's kind of an ugly obsession you have there.

Your tax dollars at work.

And by "your", i mean "you", not tRump, Bezos, or the rest of those tax cheats.
I wonder if there might not be some better uses for the taxpayers' money wasted by these raids (and Gropenführer's golf vacs, and his hotels and resorts to "protect" him and his family, and vacations and charter flights for his minions, and his and their lawyers for colluding to subvert democracy, and, and, and...). Like, oh, I don't know, maybe to keep tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of Harvey's, Irma's and Maria's victims from dying of dehydration, hypothermia, diseases, starvation!!


And of course, good, God-fearing, patriotic 'murkins will be climbing all over themselves like Black Friday shoppers at Walmart to reclaim those low-wage, manual labor jobs them illegal aliens stole, right?
So who are the next group derFuhrer and collaborators will target and work to expand ICE’s duties? People lounging in the parks? People sleeping in cars? People making antiTrump comments on the internet? I believe he is already working on that. Especially if they are poor or people of color or both. Mentioning these atrocities is a good thing. So go fuck yourselves Muffy and cohorts. Native people are the true americans. Everyone else is on stolen native land.